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 Brusie Li Video [Closed]

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Bruise Li
You Can't Stand the Danger!

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PostSubject: Brusie Li Video [Closed]   Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:15 am

A caption reads, "Recorded after Wednesday's UNWA Show"

[The scene opens up with Bruise Li sitting on a massage table, he is still wearing his wrestling gear. He is rubbing his right knee, and holding his left arm close to his body. From his neck and shoulders jut out several acupuncture needles. Bruise has a look of disappointment on his face as he looks towards the ground and winces a bit.]

Bruise Li: Cowlhoney got lucky, Sifu! I can beat him! He Can't Sta-

[Bruise is interrupted by a firm, but not viscious, strike to the head from a familiar staff. Master Swee Ensowa walks on screen, holding his staff in one hand and a basket filled with acupuncture needles.]

Master Swee: If he got lucky, why could you barely walk out of the ring?

[He leans his staff against the table, and pulls out a needle from the basket, and examines it.]

Bruise: I make mistake.

[Master Swee takes the needle and places it in Bruise's elbow. He pulls out another needle and repeats the process. With each successive needle, the pain expressed in Bruise's face lessens a bit.]

Master Swee: Yes, you did make a mistake. But that doesn't mean that he got lucky. Kaluani is a formidable and experienced warrior. You needed to be on top of your game and to make no mistakes. This is partially my fault as well, as I overestimated how the distractions of Vice General Manager duty would affect him.

Bruise: I get him next time!

Master Swee: We shall see when that time comes. But you are correct, you did make a mistake. In fact, you made the same mistake that your last foe made against you. Instead of continuing to attack, you decided to make a show of yourself.

[He moves from inserting needles into the elbow, to putting them into Bruise's leg.]

Master Swee: You should've tapped out sooner, your injuries wouldn't be so serious.

Bruise: I not want to lose, no surrender!

Master Swee: You lack wisdom and foresight. You should've recognized that you wouldn't be able to escape, and acknowledged it right away. But don't worry, I should be able to get you back into fighting shape for your next fight.

Bruise: Thank you, Sifu. Who I fight next?

Master Swee: I don't know yet. We'll see what happens at the next show, perhaps an opportunity will arise.

Bruise: If not?

Master Swee: Then we will make our own opportunity.
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Brusie Li Video [Closed]
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