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 Anything Goes (open especially Leon)

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PostSubject: Anything Goes (open especially Leon)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:58 am

Mr.Minder come's out to no music but an array of booing and "LEON,LEON,LEON"

Timelord is accompanying him to the ring and both men grab mic's from ringside,Time motion's to Minder that he will start proceeding's

People let me properly introduce to you MR.Minder who will be battling for a contract against our beloved GM Leon Heart in an anything goes match.
Now let me start by saying Bravo to Leon who is showing alot of heart but very little brain power,oh i know he was shocked by my choice to fight him.But let's face it Minder will repeat what he did last week and then some ha ha.If Minder win's, no when Minder win's and earn's his contract i will inform you all more about him plus the plan's i have for him.
Also as a result of Minder beating Leon the first time Rev earned the right to name any match they wanted non-title of course.So without further ado the match i have chosen is Aq/MMJ v Wolfpac in a hardcore match as a nice warm up match in their quest for tag team gold.

Timelord gesture's to Minder that he may speak to the crowd and superstar's of UNWA.

First of all to you fan's you should respect Timelord for he is a great man and leader of the elite stable in UNWA Rev.
Second i address Leon Heart you picked anything goes so you can try and hit me with weapon's,but i will borrow a famous quote from a great film
"i will break you"
Finally to the rest of you listening backstage another quote,
"be afraid,be very afraid"
Oh i nearly forgot to address the coward who attacked Timelord,come out from the shadows and face me i dare you!!!

Timelord and Minder laugh amongst themselve's
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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Anything Goes (open especially Leon)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:40 pm

The titantron lights up and shows Leon Heart in his own personal Gym attached to his office
Leon: "Ahh it speaks...Hey wait a second.....
Leon peers into the camera
Leon: "...Timelord.....have you got your hand up his backside? Cos it looks like your doing the talking! Just another little puppet. I know that tonight I face a great danger....but face it I will, because I know I will have the great UNWA crowd on my side, and once I destroy Mr.Minder it's just a matter of time before I destroy The Revolution....you along with it..."
The titantron fades to black

(ooc - that's it from my point of view)
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PostSubject: Re: Anything Goes (open especially Leon)   Thu Mar 12, 2009 9:47 am

Timelord and Mr.Minder look enraged at the Titantron and then laugh.

Leon,Leon how many times have i heard that crap from someone in management,you have just lost my respect with your "destroy Rev" ranting's.

Minder is the best thing to happen Rev since it started and only thing between him and total carnage here in Unwa is little old you ha ha

I don't fancy your chance's much,let's go Minder i have a few tricks in mind for Mr Heart.

Timelord and Minder depart to the Rev locker room.

occ think we are done
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PostSubject: Re: Anything Goes (open especially Leon)   

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Anything Goes (open especially Leon)
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