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 The Madman is Free??? (closed)

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PostSubject: The Madman is Free??? (closed)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:20 am

Lightening fill's the darkened rain filled night as the wind howl's with a new found anger.It's as if nature know's that something or someone just isn't right,but feel's powerless to affect the outcome.

The road sign point's north toward's the prison type building in the distance,upon closer inspection it's not a prison but an asylum for the so called criminal insane.As the camera zoom's in closer a figure can be spotted lurking at a window,but when the lightening flashe's nobody is there,hmm strange.Maybe a trick of the night or the mind.

The door is open,surely should've been locked tight.A maze of corridor's and room's await the camera len's,fear engulf's the cameramen but an interview is an interview.So what if it's Friday the 13th nobody believe's in that nonsense anymore or do they?

Room after room is tried but to no avail,then with one more room to go the sweat start's to drip from the brow's of the team of cameramen.This door is different from the other's as it's slightly ajar,the two guy's debate who will enter this room....

It has to be his room there are no more,you go first i swear i'm right behind you all the way.

I believe you thousand's wouldn't my friend,ok i'm going in cover me.

Sure thing but what with i only have the camera?

That will do fine if he tries anything whack him with the camera.

The man pushes the door back slowly but surely,it creak's as it goes farther back.
Then just as both men enter the room a bucket of ice cold water spill's from the top of the door onto them drenching them both.One of them flick's on a light and point's to the wall where something is written,it reads simply....

Gotcha the joke's on you ha ha The Madman is Loose

Oh my god what does this mean for the Unwa......
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The Madman is Free??? (closed)
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