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 James Young vs Ryan Young (possibly closed)

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James Young
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PostSubject: James Young vs Ryan Young (possibly closed)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:19 pm

James Young stared down at his opponent, who had an evil smirk on his face. His brother, Ryan Young. Chase and Jessica Young were watching them. Though Jess looked anxious, while Chase looked really calm while he crossed his arms.

James: "Ryan, you will not win this match,"

Ryan: "Well you see James, I will, as I'm the smarter out of the two of us,"

James smirked as did Ryan.

James: "I've been meaning to ask you, Ryan. Can we be on friendly terms again after this?"

Ryan: "Sure, I'm cool with that, but let's start this!!"

James and Ryan suddenly shot their hands forward before.

James & Ryan: "ROCK! PAPER! SCISSORS!!"

Jess and Chase watched this sweat-dropping at the stupidity of the situation. Even more after James ended with Paper, while Ryan ended with Rock. Making James the winner. James danced around happily before Ryan smacked him around the back of the head.

Ryan: "IDIOT!!!"

(ooc: That that, it's closed I should think)
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James Young vs Ryan Young (possibly closed)
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