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 The Answer of Jess' crush is finally revealed

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James Young
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PostSubject: The Answer of Jess' crush is finally revealed   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:23 pm

Jessica Young sat by herself in the Young's locker room, she sighed to herself.

Jess: "I hope Leon's okay,"

Jessica Young wouldn't admit this, but she had a crush on Leon Heart the Gm of UNWA. When James found out just after the Heartbreak PPV he teased her about having a crush on his boss. Until Chase told James that Leon was also their boss, causing James to turn to him in surprise. Ryan was told yesterday. He just smirked at Jess and offered some potions that he happened to have on him at the time. Ryan didn't tell them where he had got them from.

Jess: "I was going to confess my feeling for him today, but now ...."

Jess was cut off when Chase came into the room, causing her to look at him in surprise.

Chase: "We're going to go. We need to make IT before tonight's over, and IT can't wait."

Jess: "Okay,"

Chase and Jess soon left the locker room door, but not before we notice some papers in Chase's hands. Some papers that have the letter "H". Something big was going to happen.
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The Answer of Jess' crush is finally revealed
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