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 "I'll tell ya what I wants!" (not open)

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el cartographer
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PostSubject: "I'll tell ya what I wants!" (not open)   Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:49 pm

A hallway of the theatre is shown with Detective Browfel storming through it. He has bandages obscuring small parts of his face.

Detective Browfel turns a corner and walks over to a dark figure. He kicks the figure in the leg. The figure turns around, revealing itself to be el cartographer.

El cartographer: "Augh! Hubibita! Wha?"

El cartographer calms down before staring down at Detective Browfel.

El cartographer: "What do you want, moron?"

Detective Browfel jumps up and down while speaking.

Detective Browfel: "I'll tell ya what I wants! I want... I want..."

There's a short pause.

El cartographer: "Want what? No, wait, don't answer that. Answer this: Why the ---- did you try to get Damien Darkness like that in the Casket Match last Sunday?"

Detective Browfel looks shocked.

Detective Browfel: "What? That wasn't you?"

El cartographer: "Well, yeah, that wa-"

Detective Browfel suddenly shoves El cartographer, knocking him off balance. El cartographer steadies himself before glaring at Detective Browfel.

El cartographer: "What the ---- was that for?"

Detective Browfel: "Just take a look at this, chucksmith man!"

Detective Browfel thrusts out an official-looking document towards el cartographer, who takes it.

El cartographer (reading): "...delegate...talk shows...UNWA... Hey!"

El cartographer suddenly looks up.

El cartographer: "This is a UNWA contract!"

Detective Browfel: "Yep, it show-wer is! And check out..."

El cartographer: "It's a three-day contract! (reading) 'This contract has validity from the signing (2009-03-21), to the midnight of 2009-03-23 included.'... That's right before and after the Pay-Per-View! But why the ---- wou-"

Detective Browfel: "Look at the bottom of it!"

El cartographer: "It's just Leon Heart's signature... Oh, and..."

El cartographer gasps!

El cartographer: "YOUR signature!"

Detective Browfel: "That's right! I'm going to be an off-ee-ki-alls wrestler for the Pay-Per-Veh-ew! At 20 bucks a match, I get a grand total of 51 bu-u-ucks!"

El cartographer starts laughing.

El cartographer: "What? Like, you do one-and-a-half matches or something?... Ha-ha-ha!... Wait, who do you have a match with?"

Detective Browfel: "YOU, el cart-nose-ographer! I'm going to face you at the Pay-Per-Veh-ew. Plus, I got to pick the match type!"

Detective Browfel waits for a response, but el cartographer is too shocked to reply.

Detective Browfel: "A Last Man Standing Match! You're dead meat now el photographer! Mehahehaheha!!!"

El cartographer: "Just, SHUT UP! I will DEMOLISH YOU!"

Detective Browfel reels back in slight shock before cautiously stepping away.

El cartographer: "See you in the ring, Brow-fell-down-the-stairs!"

Right as he says that, Detective Browfel, not looking where he's going, falls down a set of stairs.

El cartographer: "Bwahahahaha!"

Last edited by el cartographer on Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:49 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : adjusted to where the show will be)
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PostSubject: Re: "I'll tell ya what I wants!" (not open)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:28 am

(no need to join in on this one Twisted Evil )
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"I'll tell ya what I wants!" (not open)
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