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 What happened to K-9? (open to Timelord and the Hooded man)

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The Pittsburgh Mauler
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PostSubject: What happened to K-9? (open to Timelord and the Hooded man)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:50 pm

Symphony of Destruction starts playing over the loud speakers and sparks start showering down from the Titantron. The Pittsburgh Mauler makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic from the roadie.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: “Cut the music.”

The music stops playing.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: “I am highly disappointed to be out here tonight without the Hardcore championship belt. I had every contingency planned out and I had the upper hand in the match until the Hooded man showed up to disrupt things. Even Timelord’s robotic mutt wasn’t going to be able to save him this time because of this.”

Mauler looks towards the Titantron.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: “Roll the footage.”

A video shot at last Sunday’s Sacrifice starts to play. Mauler is crouched down behind some equipment cases as laser blasts are flying all around him. Mauler shouts out to K-9, ‘Hey laser lips, your Mama was a snowblower.’ Mauler takes off down the hallway with K-9 in hot pursuit. The hallway opens up a little and Mauler runs by a steel door. K-9’s forward progress is stopped as he rolls by the door. Suddenly, K-9 flies sideways into the door. Mauler quickly slips around K-9 and cuts the power cable to his laser. ‘Well, that takes care of you, you mangy mutt. Your evening is done so hang out there and watch me beat your master.’ The camera pans around and we see Sally. ‘Those Neodymium magnets worked great, thanks Sally.’ Mauler and Sally walk away.

The video ends and we see Mauler standing in the ring holding something.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: “Looking for this K-9.”

Mauler laughs and tosses the piece of power cord he took from K-9.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: "I was so distraught with the loss that I went back to where I left him to inflict some more damage, but he was gone as well as my magnets."

Mauler pauses for a second.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: “I'm more upset that the magnets are gone than K-9, but I have bigger fish to fry at the moment. Timelord, I do have a rematch clause in my contract for the Hardcore title. I will be invoking it, but not this week. I must deal with this Hooded man who cost me the Hardcore title first. He'll need his hood and a mask to hide himself after I get through with him."

ooc: Please move this to Sunday's show.

Last edited by The Pittsburgh Mauler on Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:21 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : To incorporate Mystery's taking of K-9)
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PostSubject: Re: What happened to K-9? (open to Timelord and the Hooded man)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:04 pm

Timelord's music blare's into the arena speakers as Timelord appears flanked by Mr Minder who is holding Timelord's Rev belt.He produce's a mic and stares at Mauler.

You stole K-9,NO WAIT I'M WRONG YOU TRAPPED MY PUP then left K-9 to be stolen by my attacker and you think i am worried about your rematch clause.Here have my title,oops sorry can't do that but if you visit Leon in hospital he may grant you a match after i'm through with Ace.

As for the hooded man did he touch you,was he in the ring?? No sir but any excuse eh Mauler is what your hunting for isn't it.

If you want to blame anyone look in a mirror,now that's enough time wasted on you i have a pup to find.
Let's go Minder.

Timelord and Mr Minder exit the stage area.

ooc i'm done
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What happened to K-9? (open to Timelord and the Hooded man)
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