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 1st inductee El Lobo

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PostSubject: 1st inductee El Lobo   Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:25 pm

We are back to Winston who is still looking resplendent in his black tuxedo, he is ready to speak to the hushed crowd who of course contain many of the UNWA roster as well as UNWA fans.

Winston: Ladies and Gentlemen, it has come to this point in the evening when I would like to announce our first Hall of Fame entrant!"

The crowd cheer loudly as they all start to call out names they would like to see inducted

Winston: "The first winner is a man who has been with the UNWA since the very first season....he is a no nonsense character who is loved by the fans and adored by the women! But it was to be one particular woman who would steal his heart all over again when she followed him here. Despite there obvious feelings they had to face each other at UNWA's very first PPV for the right to become the first ever UNWA Memberstate Champion!"

The crowd have realised who is being inducted and chant...LOBO!!! LOBO!!! LOBO!!!

Winston: "Indeed you have worked it out, but let me continue... This man become the first ever UNWA Memberstate champion and took on all comers, eventually he lost his belt to Paulley, one of his oldest enemies. However he didn't let that set him back, instead he took comfort with Yellow Girl, in and out of the ring, and would eventually go on to become tag team champions as part of The Wolfpack!!"


Winston: "Despite some tough times when it appeared Yellow girl was apart of The Revolution, El Lobo never turned his back on his one true love, he made sure he got her back and also made an alliance with the General Manager and Hotshot, forming a partnership as 'the band of brothers' with the latter!"

The crowd are yelling and pointing at the hotshot to take a bow, as they chant 'BAND OF BROTHERS! BAND OF BROTHERS!! Hotshot waves his hat in the air to acknowledge the crowd

Winston: "This man has never turned on anyone and always done what he believes to be true...this is a man you have nominated as the very first inductee into the UNWA Hall of Fame!!!....That man is EL LOBO!!!!"

El Lobo is shown on the big screen sitting next to Hotshot and Yellow Girl and a big cheer goes up

Winston: "Now I would like to ask Yellow Girl to say a few words and to hand over this lovely Hall of Fame plaque!!"

Yellow Girl is sitting next to El Lobo and stands up now to make her way to Winston. She is wearing a long darkblue evening dress and her long hair, what she normally wears at a ponytail, are opend tonight. Loud applause accompany her on the way to Winston.

Two short salvatory kisses for Winston befor he gives her the Hall of Fame plaque and makes room for her speech.

Yellow Girl: “Its great to stand here tonight and celebrate the man, who I owe so much. Our story togehter begins some time before I followed him into the UNWA. From the first day on he had the perfect mixture between treat me like a Diva and respect me like a Wrestler. This and his big charme I couldnt resist from the first moment on.”

A loud “I love you too, Lobo” was heard from the crowd followed by loud laughter.

Yellow Girl: “Hey dont tempt him, I dont share.”

Loud laughter again in the crowd.

Yellow Girl: “Ok back to the important things. I had the honor to wrestle against Lobo three times, two times here in the UNWA. Both matches were dramatic, but we can handle everything together because we trust each other, we help each other and we will fight together against everyone. But lets stop this speaking and let us welcome the man we speak about the whole time.”

Yellow Girl takes the Hall of Fame plaque.

Yellow Girl: “Come on carino. Come to me and collect your award which you deserve so much.”

El Lobo, dressed in casual blue jeans and a white t-shirt, looks a little uncomfortable as he slowly rises and makes his way over to stand beside Yellow Girl.

El Lobo: "This is, for a Mexicano, truly an honor to be the first mentioned among all the great stars here in the UNWA..First time champion, and all..I could not have done nothing without me Mami and my fans."

The Latino accepts the plaque from YG and holds it up for the fans to see.

El Lobo: "This is for all of you, from the Jungle..You are all my Family.."

El Lobo lowers the plaque and looks towards YG for a moment and then looks back over towards Winston.

El Lobo: "This plaque only proves one thing..That Wolf Pack and the Band of Brothers were first and that is something the Revolution can never change...The champion is crowned vato."
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1st inductee El Lobo
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