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 2nd inductee Kaluani

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PostSubject: 2nd inductee Kaluani   Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:50 pm

We are back at the awards podium where Winston has been joined by Mama D, Mama is wearing a glittering black sequin dress, that suprise, suprise is at least two sizes too small for her. Mama D passes the next hall of fame plaque to Winston and the noise of the crowd starts to rumble as they anticapate the next recipitant

Mama D: "Oooh baby, Mama D thinks you are doing a stellar job of hosting tonight Winnybaby! How about a big hand for Winston!!"

The fans and many of the wrestlers in the theatre rise to their feet and give Winston an ovation that he fully deserves, although Winston is quick to ask them all to take their seats...it takes several minutes before order is restored again. A slightly red faced Winston takes to the podium microphone again

Winston: "Well, somemay say that applause was for having put up with you and your adopted offspring for so long but I appreciate it anyway! It's been a honour serving as co-commentator for UNWA for the past seven months, and I hope you will allow me to carry on bringing you such great action from this great federation!"

Again the crowd jump to their feet, this time a chant goes round...WINSTON!! WINSTON!!WINSTON!!!

Winston attempts to restore order and finally the fans begin to take their seats again

Winston: "Now it is time to induct our second member in to the UNWA Hall of Fame! This is another man who has been with us since our conception...and I truly can say he is a man like no other! a man who does not find allies easy to come by, yet will not see dishonesty rewarded. This is a man who has helped the UNWA grow into the amazing federation you know and love. He has helped produce the show and worked hard doing the mundane things that go unoticed by many."

The buzz is electric in the audience, they all feel they have a clue as to who it is but noone is 100% sure....

Winston: "But for all the background work he does for the shows, he is best known for being one of the toughest, 'electrifying!' and heroic wrestlers in the UNWA. He is a former Memberstate champion, who remained undeafeted throughout his reign, choosing to vacate his title in order that others could follow their dreams...."

The crowd are fully aware now who is going to be inducted and the noise reaches fever pitch

Winston: "This man has been in some of the most amazing matches in UNWA history, including of course the never to be forgotten Hell in a Cell match with Theram, that caused a whole structure to collapse! I of course can only be talking about the man who will be taking on Von Ryan at the PPV this Sunday, he is the legendary.....Kaluani!!"

A video package airs of Kaluani's most memorable moments in the UNWA, as the crowd roar their approval!! KAL!! KAL!! KAL!!

We cut back to Winston

Winston: "There was one man who wanted nothing more than to say a few words, however he is currently in a hospital getting round the clock treatment.....however I think we can call on someone else to say a few words....one of the very few people to ever beat Kaluani...a man I think has the upmost respect for him....and a fellow UNWA Hall of Fame inductee....ladies and gentlemen I call on El Lobo to say a few words and present this hall of fame plaque!"

El Lobo, dressed as always in his blue jeans, white t-shirt and the stenton hat makes his way in and holds the plaque to be given away. A wry grin lingers on his lips as he nods his head towards Winston and Mama D.

The bruising from the beating given by the Revolution still visible.

El Lobo: Hola Vatos..It is again an honor to stand here, to award the second member of the Hall of Fame..One who, I admit is worthy enough to be mentioned along the names of the other members in the hall..

The Latino pauses as if hearing something in an ear piece and nods his head.

El Lobo: s***..pardon my french, I forgot..there is only one name in the Hall of Fame at this point.

The fans in the audience lets out a long howl.

El Lobo: Soo without further ado, let me hand over this award to the Master of Elements, the Lightning attack..My old rival and a man I am proud to call a 'friend'..Kaluani!

An arc of lightning flashes around at the entrance, Kaluani enters right between it as the noise of the audience is at its absolute peak. He slowly walks through the hall, nearly swimming through the fans that cheer him. He steps up and greets Winston and Mama D with a bow, then turns to El Lobo. He smiles at him and takes over the plaque, holding it up in the air, obviously full of pride. Several cameras flash as hundreds of pictures are beeing taken, then Kaluani raises his voice.

Kaluani: "Well, well! I, a member of UNWAs very hall of fame? Heck, I can't truly believe this happens! This is all thanks to you, dear fans!"

Another cheer lingers through the audience.

Kaluani: "The UNWA. A place where nations meet... A place where dreams meet. A place of wonders, adventures and surprises. This place is great. A place I long searched for, a place I can in some kind call...

my home."

A short moment, Kaluani is silent, then looks up with proud look.

Kaluani: "And now, I will forever be remembered as one of its members. That makes me proud. And even more happy I am to take this plaque from a man who is a great wrestler and the hardest and toughest rival I ever had. Thanks Lobo. Thanks Mama D and Winston, and thanks... Leon. It is good to have a home."
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2nd inductee Kaluani
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