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 Match of the Season - Kaluani vs. Von Ryan

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PostSubject: Match of the Season - Kaluani vs. Von Ryan   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:21 pm

Winston: "Ladies and Gentlemen we are nearing the end of this amazing one off show, where we have honoured many wrestlers of the UNWA roster, we still have one more member of the Hall of Fame to induct but before that it's time for the final UNWA Season Award of the evening."

Mama D joins Winston again at the podium.

Mama D: "Here is the envelope that contains the winner of the match of the season! There have been many great matches, of course these matches are made even better with Mama D's dulcet tones giving great colour commentary!"

Winston: "OK Mama, maybe you can buy yourself your own award...the envelope if you will!"

Mama D hands over the envelope to Winston and with the other hand picks up the golden award

Winston: "And the winner of the UNWA Match of the season is......"

Winston opens the envelope...

Winston: "....Wow! A match that never took place inside a UNWA ring! It's Kaluani vs Von Ryan!!...."

Clips of the match air behind Winston and Mama D.

Winston: "Of course these two men will be in action again at the PPV on Sunday night...I am erm...not sure who is going to collect this award?"

Mama D holds it out expectantly.

Kaluani enters through the hallway, walking up to the podium. He smiles, his long white hair is flying around. He greets some fans before stepping up to Mama D and Winston. As Mama D wants to give over the award, Kaluani shakes his head and smiles at her warmly.

Kaluani: "I feel honored beeing named yet again for the hall of fame... But I do not give so much about awards. Give this to Mr. Ryan... I am sure his ego needs some bolstering."

Mama D and Winston look at each other in confusion, then Kaluani laughs for a moment.

Kaluani: "Oh, hey, fans... Let me ask one question to you though... One thing I often asked myself. They now give out an award for "the best match of the season" - but the season is yet to have another show! Tell me, can they know if that funny little brawl was the best match of the season if there is more to come?"

The fans cheer and chant "Noooo!". Kaluani smiles.

Kaluani: "Well, that's what I was thinking... Well, Ryan, I know you're listening from somewhere, so... Dear Fans, Dear Mr. Ryan... this is the challenge I make for the PPV!"

The lights of the hall dim, then we hear the sound of dripping rain. The audience starts to whoo and cheer, awaiting something great, but then, the silent noise of the rain is mixed with other noises. We hear a car, the engine pacing at its highest peak, then we hear screeching tires. Then, suddenly, Silence. Only the sound of the rain continues...

Then again, a noise. We hear a train... slowly accelarating, starting to take up speed, then the loud noise of a siren breaks the silence and with a loud bang lightnings hit the ringpost. We see Kaluani on the titantron, atop something. He is in the outside, his hair blowing like he is moving sideways... fast!

Kaluani smiles to the camera, bows to it and then starts to adress the people in the hall:

"Good evening, fans of the UNWA!"

A cheer goes thorugh the hall.

"As you may see, I am moving. That is because I ride one of those beasts that Mr. Ryan likes so much..."

The camera pans out and we see Kaluani standing on a train which is moving with high speed, it is circulating around some kind of building. We see it passing a parking space, then an entranceway...

Kaluani smiles yet again. "That is, because I want to fight with Mr. Ryan right here, atop this train!"

The fans go crazy as they await to see an awesome match atop the train.

Kaluani: "I am sorry, I am sorry to interrupt, BUT... The train will not be moving. Leon told me it would be "Too dangerous"... As if Mr Ryan and I would ever do anything dangerous."

His smile turns into a wide grin.

The train comes to a halt at the parking space, standing in between several cars. A lightning strikes the area, setting a car into flames, then yet another.

Kaluanis look turns serious as he adresses the camera once more.

"This match... shall settle everything. We are fighting at a place were Mr. Ryan can say it is HIS area of fighting... atop a train, surrounded by Cars... this is speed itself. But yet... we are fighting outside, where the elements can be at my side... The rules are quite simple: Use everything you want, the ref will count and do everything as usual. Just plain fighting here and a One-Fall count or submission! No count-out or such useless stuff!

So we will find out who really is... a "Liar" !! Once and for all, st this PPV, it will be settled...

Well, as long as Mr.Ryan has the guts to come and fight here..."

The camera is back at the hall, the train still to be seen on the titantron. Kaluani smiles at the audience.

Kaluani: "And they want to tell me that this is not the best match they will see this season? Oh right, of course... Because Mr.Ryan will probably shy away from a real challenge..."

From out of backstage suddenly appears Von Ryan in a black tux but he's not here to give a speech.....

Before anyone can warn Kaluani, Von Ryan runs towards the unaware man's back and grabs his head. Using his forward momentum Ryan brings Kaluani's face straight down onto the stage floor executing a devastating running bulldog!

Von Ryan snatches the trophy out of Mama D's hands as she lets out a suprised gasp! Ryan tosses the trophy on the floor near Kaluani then reaches down and grabs the man's long white hair to pull him up.....

Ryan grabs Kaluani's head and in an articulated movement drives his opponent's head straight down and on top of the trophy executing a MORTAL Arabian DDT onto the Award's Trophy!

Kaluani is stunned on the ground! The crowd is silent with shock!

Von Ryan grabs a mic and bends down towards Kaluani's half-conscious body on the ground to speak directly to him....

Von Ryan: "I"


"I accept the train match challenge."

"I accept the fact that I will beat you to an inch of your mortal life."

"I accept that you will be beaten and humiliated at the pay per view."

"I accept any reason to be able to tear you apart piece by piece just like I did in the unsanctioned brawl last week that won myself this trophy."



Von Ryan straightens himself to address the stunned crowd: "It felt soooooo good to hit Kaluani with that car last week and to feel that car hit his body with a loud wet thump. If felt sooooo good to demolish him with the Wreck Express as I crushed his torso with a statisfying sickening crunch. And when I slammed Kaluani so hard into the hallway wall that it broke and caved in /that/ was pure Nirvana."

"At the pay per view I promise all you gulliable idiots out there that still believe in Kaluani that I will personally tear him apart...one inch at a time...until all that is left is an empty husk of the delusional man he once was...."

Von Ryan looks at the crowd with contempt: "Nobody can stop The High Flying Express because no one at UNWA can compete with pure perfection. Not this Sunday, not ever. The Reign of Von Ryan is upon the UNWA and it is here to stay!"

Von Ryan gives a disgusted sneer down at Kaluani on the floor before handing the mic back to Mama D and arrogantly walking off to backstage.
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Match of the Season - Kaluani vs. Von Ryan
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