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 The most evil Wrestler of the UNWA - Damien Darkness

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PostSubject: The most evil Wrestler of the UNWA - Damien Darkness   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:25 pm

Mama D and Winston are at the podium about to announce the next awards when suddenly the lights go dark and disco dancing beat music can be heard throughout the theatre....a rocking eurodance beat pulses through the audience as a spotlight shines down on the stage.

Winston: "What The?!"

A figure appears from the dark gyrating and dancing his way into the spotlight he is naked accept for a loin cloth......

......it's OGRE MCOKER!! He has a piece of raw steak hanging from his mouth and an envelope with blood daubed on the front. He dances to Mama D and gyrates around her bumping his hips against hers, he hands the blood stained envelope to Winston and goes to dance off...before anyone can stop him he yanks at the loin cloth..the audience gasp in horror before four security men rush on stage and usher Ogre away from the stoplight and off the stage!

Winston is standing gingerly holding the bloodied envelope, he opens it carefully.

Winston: "Well, this isn't actually a catergory tonight.....but I guess someone wants us to announce it...so the winner of the most Evil wrestler of the UNWA award goes to....

Mama D leans into the microphone


Mama and Winston step back leaving an award on the podium waiting for it to be collected

The lights dim and Damien Darkness appears at the top of the entrance ramp.

"Most evil wrestler? I must say, I'm about as honored as I can be to accept this award from a washed up wrestler/announcer and his, um, lovely broadcast partner. I have to say, though, that it's easy being the most evil wrestler in the UNWA when you're surrounded by a bunch of so-called wrestlers that would much rather kiss the butts of the idiots in the crowd than wrestle."

The Lord of Evil acknowledges the crowd boos with some appropriate hand gestures.

"You see, not only should my evil be honored here tonight, but my intellect as well. Not only do I write amazingly good poetry, but I have assembled one of the most powerful forces in the UNWA in the Stable of Darkness. With my evil freaks, we shall one day climb to all the possible heights in this federation and bring the UNWA to their knees!"

Damien Darkness laughs his patented maniacal laugh.

"So, I accept this award on behalf of the Stable of Darkness and all the evil geniuses out there that go unnoticed or unappreciated. May the rest of your night try to be nearly as interesting as this time that I've graced you with my presence."

The lights dim and Damien Darkness fades into the blackness.
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The most evil Wrestler of the UNWA - Damien Darkness
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