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 The best finishing Move in the UNWA - The Bruiser Bomb

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PostSubject: The best finishing Move in the UNWA - The Bruiser Bomb   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:29 pm

Mama D is standing at the podium, the black dress is glinting under the lights.

Mama D: "Ladies and Gentlemen....hunky wrestlers....It is my great pleasure to present this next award for the best finishing move in the UNWA....Mama D has a finishing manoeuvre of her own, doesn't she Timey baby!?"

The crowd part laugh and partly groan, from nowhere a man's voice shouts, "WHO IS THE FATHER?!"

Mama D looks out into the crowd from where the call came from.

Mama D: "Well certainlly not you honey, Mama D does have some standards! Ok lets name the winner of this award!"

Winston hands Mama D the envelope which she opens and removes the card from inside

Mama D: "OOOOOHHH! YES! My hunky Beefcake! The best finishing move as voted by you the UNWA audience is 'The Bruiser Bomb!' by Memberstate Champion BRUISER BOB!!"

Mama D touches up her lipstick and gets ready for Bob to come and collect the award

Bruiser Bob makes his way out to the podium in a custom fitted tuxedo with the UNWA Memberstate Title over his shoulder and waves to the crowd. He proceeds to take the award from Mama D and gives her a small peck on the cheek.

Bruiser Bob: "Thank you all very much!!!! I really don't have a speech prepared, but I'd like to thank all the fans who voted for me. When I came up with the Bruiser Bomb, I had no idea how successful it would become."

The crowd cheers as Bruiser Bob makes the signal for the Bruiser Bomb.

Bruiser Bob: "I would like to thank Leon Heart for giving me a chance here in the UNWA, and everyone who has helped me out along my journey here in the greatest fed in the world!!!"

Bruiser Bob holds the award above his head and salutes the crowd as the applause dies down Winston comes forward with a handheld microphone.

Winston: "Bruiser, you really have been a great UNWA memberstate champion, and I have to take this opportunity to ask you about your last match in which you were suprisingly defeated by The Silent Man in a non title match, what do you have to say to your fans about that?

Bruiser Bob: "Well I guess if you ask you shall receive. I asked for an ass kicking from The Silent Man and boy did I receive it. One minute I was in the ring wrestling, and the next thing I remember I woke up in a hospital with IV's in my arm and a huge bandage around my head."

(Bruiser Bob rubs the blood stained bandages around his head and seems to get a little angry.)

Bruiser Bob: "But I'm still here, and still willing to go out in that ring and...."

(Bruiser gets a little woozy and is steaded by Winston

Bruiser Bob: "Woo, got a little dizzy there, but I will still go out there if needed and defend this UNWA Memberstate Title with everything I have!! Bruiser Bob will be ready, no excuses!!!"

Suddenly all the attention is switched to the ring in the middle of the theatre, a spotlight shows two men in the ring....it's BBC and Paulley!

BBC: "Aha! Mr Bruiser Bob, the great UNWA champion, that's an interesting statement you just made there! You see when I sold my remaining stake in the UNWA, I did so on one proviso, and that is that my Man Beast Paulley gets a title shot tonight against you!"

The Fans boo loudly

BBC: "These fools can boo as much as they like, but you said you would be ready...no excuses....so what are we waiting for! Lets go boy!"

Bruiser Bob hands Winston the award and he heads angrily to the ring
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The best finishing Move in the UNWA - The Bruiser Bomb
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