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 3rd inductee The Silent Man

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PostSubject: 3rd inductee The Silent Man   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:33 pm

We are at the end of the evening and it has been a long night, however Winston still looks as smart as he did at the start of the show, he smiles to the audience as Mama brings the final Hall of Fame plaque to the podium and places it in front of Winston

Winston: "It's that time of the evening where we now announce the final entrant into UNWA's Hall of Fame. This man is a former Pride Champion, who should and could have held even more titles here at the UNWA, however it always seemed that someone or something was out to stop him."

Winston pauses for a second as the camera shows various UNWA famous faces in the audience awating the final announcement

Winston: "This man seems to have had a rather tragic life and when he joined the UNWA he was managed by the notorious Dr Sotsog, a man who cared not for the welfare of his wrestler only what would benefit him. The poor treatment of this man made him a fans favourite amongst the UNWA audience and despite his evil manager he was made into hero status here"

The fans slowly start to chant "MIKEY! MIKEY! MIKEY!!" Winston continues above the growing noise

Winston: "This man is of course Mikey otherwise known as The Silent Man....after long investigations which led to the death of a UNWA employee Dr Sotsog was run out of the UNWA and Mikey's long lost sister was found, a sibling that he thought died a long while ago. This man has truly led an amazing life here in the UNWA....Wrestling fans and fellow UNWA wrestlers I give you our final inductee to the Hall of Fame.......THE SILENT MAN!!!"

The audience rise as one in raptious applause as Mellisa, Silent Man's sister leads her brother to the podium, eventually the standing ovation starts to quiten as Mellisa picks up the plaque and steps forward to the microphone

Mellisa: "Tonight is an emotional night for many and for myself and as you guys know him, 'The Silent Man' it is even more emotional. Tonight we were due to announce Mikey's retirement from the UNWA and wrestling completely. I have decided that Mikey has been through too much and he needs time to heal and time with his family...."

The fans in the audience groan in dissapointment, a few fans in the theatre have tears starting to grow in there eyes

Mellisa: "I know how much this award means to Mikey and this is the perfect send off for him...he has enjoyed being apart of the UNWA and I have to be thankfull that if it wasn't for the UNWA I may never have found Mikey again....I know he has so much he would like to say, but we know that is not going to happen....Mikey come and collect your award....you deserve it!"

Mellisa hands over the award to Mikey who steps forward and looks directly into the audience....he taps the microphone and leans into it

There is a hushed silence in the arena, everyone anticipating a miracle......seconds turn into a minute before everyone realises that not everything can have a perfect ending.

A fan shouts out "It doesn't matter Mikey! We still love you!!"

With that Mikey smiles before lifting his award up high and the fans and UNWA officials and wrestlers rise as one to give him a standing ovation

The ovation lasts for several minutes, with whistles and cheers ringing in everyones ears, confetti falls from the ceiling and fireworks start up behind Silent Man and Mellisa who are hugging, tears rolling down her eyes

El Lobo and Kaluani join The Silent Man on stage as the applause continues, Winston moves to the microphone

Winston: "Ladies and Gentlemen the first ever class of 2009 UNWA inductees!!"

El Lobo, Kaluani and The Silent Man bow to the crowd holding their awards up high, the applause and cheering just isn't going to stop and gradually the UNWA copyright logo appears in the bottom corner, and the show fades to black.
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3rd inductee The Silent Man
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