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 The revenge is done! (The end of Timelord)

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PostSubject: The revenge is done! (The end of Timelord)   Thu Apr 02, 2009 6:45 pm

Winston: "The following video material is unbelievable and brutal. It contains something what happend earlier today. "

A cameraman walks around in the hallways of the backstage area. A lot of workers are around to prepare the coming show. It was early but some single UNWA stars are already in the arena probably to prepare for the show.

A guy with a big box on a transport trolley makes his way towards the cameraman.

Deliveryman: “Can you help me? I am search someone called Timelord. This box is for him.”

Cameraman: “I have passed Timelords locker room in the hallway straight ahaid and than left. You can park the box there, but its not sure if Timelord is already in the arena.”

The Deliveryman looks nerved and makes his way into the described direction without saying anything. The cameraman follows him with a little space.

As the Deliveryman arrived the right locker room he knocks on the door. Nothing happend and the deliveryman seems unsure what doing next and than he parks the box in front of the locker room door. Than puts a small notepad out of his pocket, write something on it and sticks the paper on the top of the box. The Deliveryman wants to leave, as suddenly a loud noise can be heard inside the locker room and only some seconds later the locker room door was opend by Timelord. The Cameraman was since that time getting closer to the situation.

The Deliveryman still stands next to the box and looks to timelord and than to the camera.

Timelord: “Do you want anything more from me. If not, leave!”

The Deliveryman shakes his head and leaves the scene with fast steps.

Timelord: “Come on Minder. Get this box in here, now!”

Minder didnt seeing until now is coming now out of the locker room and carrys the box into it. He tried to close the door of the locker room but it stops half opened. The cameraman gets closer to see what happend next.

Both Timelord and Minder stay next to the box and they look a bit indecisive what to do next. Timelord than makes some steps back to get a bit away from the box.

Timelord: “Open it up, but be careful, maybe its a trick”

Minder nods and starts to open the box. He takes a careful look inside the box.

Minder: “Hey boss, its K-9 inside”

Timelord makes some fast steps closer to the box and seems to be pleased to see his Pup K-9 back. Minder by now take a disk, which is carried by K-9 and makes his way to the tardis to take a look on it.

The cameraman was still in front of the half opend door. Timelord is next to K-9 while Minder tries to start the video disk, what obviously succeed. The cameraman cant take a look of the video material, but a dreadful music and a scary voice can be heard.

“Every one second two people die.”

Timelord: “Whats this?”

Minder: “A video. It was in the box with K-9”

“Over 160.000 people die every single day.”

Timelord walks to Minder propably to get also a look on the video.

“10 out of 10 people die”

Both Timelord and Minder looked confused. The cameraman makes instictively one step back, he breaths fast and it seems he guesses what coming next.







The cameraman winces and still films the tardis with timelord and Minder in it. He had no time to leave before a loud explosion destroys the whole locker room and all inside of it.

The pictures goes dark but the audio still be functional. Some seconds nothing was heard and than we hear a big chaos. Some is screaming for an ambulance, others are screming for the fire fighters and also without the pictures it was clear that there was a big chaos.

The video material was finished and we were back in the arena. All are defenitely speechless nothing can be heard in the arena. Winston on the commentators table break the silence.

Winston: “We are all shocked because of the seeing incidents. The cameraman outside the locker room was badly injured but the doctors from the hospital by now tell us that he isnt in a perilous condition. The locker room inside was fully destroyd by the explosion. I know it sounds unbelievable, but the police didnt find any body inside the locker room. But the fire after the explosion was big and hot and the police was sure, that no one get out alive of this locker room."

Again some seconds of absolut silence in the arena. Suddenly the light goes out and the arena was absolute dark for some moments. A loud explosure can be heard, the crowd screams frightend and at the entrance ramp a big but controlled fire burned. The Titantron flickers and the words

“The Revenge is done”

can be seen on it and a loud and brual laughter fills the whole arena for some seconds. Than the lights go on again, the fire at the entrance ramp was away and everything seems normal again. But the atmosphere was full of fear and shudder.

Winston: “That was scary. Whoever it was, it seems his target was only Timelord and it seems he finished it in a really brutal way.”

Winston: “I think we should try to go on with tonights show and we will give you an update to this incidents as soon as we have new one.”

(OOC: Feel free, if anyone wants to add something)
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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Re: The revenge is done! (The end of Timelord)   Mon Apr 06, 2009 4:46 pm

Poor Timey....Added to the show - moved to archives
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The revenge is done! (The end of Timelord)
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