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 Not what you expect after returning from the doctor's...(closed)

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Tyler Ford
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PostSubject: Not what you expect after returning from the doctor's...(closed)   Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:28 am

We find ourselves in a car driving down the road. We can not see the driver but we do see the passenger. It is Tyler Ford with this right arm in a sling. We hear the driver say.

Driver:"You know you are awfully lucky that you did not do more damage to your arm. You should have had someone there watching your back that you could have trusted."

Tyler:"You mean like you. If I recall not sure I could trust you after seeing the evidence Timelord showed me about you taking my money."

From that statement and the voice, we realize the voice is none other than Shaun White, Tyler's former trainer and manager.

Shaun:"No I meant someone like Josh Stryder since I knew you could not trust me."

Tyler:"Well I guess you are right I should have had him watching my back but I wanted him to stay away so I could prove that I was the more dominant wrestler between me and Aquilus."

Shaun:"I can understand that. Oh got to ask why you call me to take you to doctor's and be by your side so to speak."

Tyler:"It was Josh's idea. Said I should reach out to you because from all I had told him and what he had learned through the UNWA lawyers that Timelord had to have faked the documents that he showed me proving you were stealing from me."

Shaun:"Well I promise you that he did because I would never steal anything from you. To be honest why should I, I already have everything I need from my time in wrestling."

Tyler:"Yeah you make a good point there."

The car turns into a driveway to a two story ranch house. It is a rather nice looking house. Tyler and Shaun get out of the car and make there way up to the door which they find kicked open. The two look at each other like what is going on and Shaun pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing.

Shaun:"Yeah I think we need some officers out here. Seems my friends house has been broke into."

Tyler decides to go in the house to see it in a wreck. There are pictures thrown on the floor broken and the walls have been spraypainted with symbols that we have seen before. They are the symbols that Aquilus has on his robe. We see Tyler face getting red about the time Shaun walks up to him and sees the symbols. He looks at Tyler and pulls out his cellphone again to obviously call off the officers and we go back to the next segment.
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Not what you expect after returning from the doctor's...(closed)
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