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 UNWA IS DEVASTATOR X KICKING ASS IN A CAGE MATCH!!!!! (Open to everyone mentioned, not mentioned, or just looking to have fun)

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Main Eventer

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PostSubject: UNWA IS DEVASTATOR X KICKING ASS IN A CAGE MATCH!!!!! (Open to everyone mentioned, not mentioned, or just looking to have fun)   Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:50 pm

Devastator X will walk out to his normal theme music, dressed in his old scheme of body paint and tiger stripes. The self proclaimed man beast will make his way to the ring and will slide under the bottom rope. He will produce a microphone from his back pocket and will scream at the top of his lungs....


Devastator X will raise his arm high in the air and will point towards the Gigantictron. A video package will air from what appears to be from post match activities of the Aura and Guillotine match. Several non sanctioned 'medicak' personal wll be crowded around Guillotine who seems to be in incredible pain. One 'doctor' will speak out to Guillotine.

Doctor X: You damn fool, how could you ignore our advice and go out and wrestle with two broke legs, a broken hip, and a severe skull fracture. That zamboni you stopped with your bare hands could have killed you, hell it ran you over twenty six times. You were in no condition to be out there.....

The video will fade as Devastator X will shake his head in the ring, He will speak again, fighting back tears.

"The courage of some men......Broken legs, busted hip, severe skull fracture.....and yet he carried on. And to make matters worse, right after leaving the UNWA arena this terribly act of cowardice took place...."

Another video feed will run, this of Guillotine hobbling out of the UNWA arena in Switzerland. A camera will switch to a car which will rev to life, this car however appears to be from a piece of old 70's movie footage. The 'live footage' will show this car speed up a road, looking to be in New York City. Then the feed will switch back to Guillotine still hobbling, but this time appearing to have forgotten which leg was hurt worse. Footage will switch back and forth, between 70's car driving footage and then Guillotine hobbling along until it will cuminate in a car hitting a person, but at such a terrible film grain nothing can really be scene.

Devastator X will gasp in horror....

"Plain as day, we see here Aura driving a car over Guillotine in a total act of extreme cowardice. Run down, but it didn't end there, roll the last of the footage."

The video feed will come back to life as a obviously different car, from different old movie footage, and it will explode, and a photoshopped image of Guillotine will appear to crawl away from what must be green screened mayhem.

"Despite being run over, blown up, and with two broken legs, a busted hip, and a severe skull fracture, Guillotine wanted me to come out here and say, for the record, you better damn believe he's going to be here tonight for this cake walk of a tag team match. So yes we accept the match Aura, we accept the match El Cartographer, the both of you had better beware the wrath of Guillotine!"

Devastator X will smile and act if he is about leave the ring, but will stop and continue speaking......

"Now to address another matter on my mind, Josh Strider, you came out here and tried to stick me in a match, like you run the place, like you own a piece of me! Well tonight I'm gonna take matters into my own hands, on MY SHOW! Tonight, there will be a main event match, and I will do the unprecendented, I will wrestle a second time on MY SHOW! Tonight will be the end of The Agenda's attack on the UNWA, and I will expose what The Agenda is really all about! Tonight, There will be a second tag team match, between The Agenda and City of E-Ville! Guillotine, who against presidential orders, will also wrestle again tonight with me, and we will fight The Agenda in this very ring in a Exploding Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Of Doom Match....Yes I said it, a Exploding Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Of Doom match, the one that is outlawed in 678 countries and 3 solar systems. Tonight I am going to expose The Agenda and your all are going to see what real power is all about. Stay tuned and enjoy MY SHOW!"

Devastator X will celebrate in the ring, waiting for the show to go to break.
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

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PostSubject: Re: UNWA IS DEVASTATOR X KICKING ASS IN A CAGE MATCH!!!!! (Open to everyone mentioned, not mentioned, or just looking to have fun)   Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:46 pm

They show Overlord, and Bad Blood sitting in the back watching DX'x rant.

OL: What the... 2 matches in one night? And one of them a a Exploding Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Of Doom match? “

Overlord stands up, and kicks the TV off the stand.

OL: The match with Ivor, thats no big deal, I have fought him before, and I know how he fights I can take him easily, but a a Exploding Barbed Wire Baseball Bat Of Doom Match? The last time, I had one of those, I had 876 stitches in my left foot alone, and.” (he tears up a bit0 “We lost Chico..

Overlord takes a moment, and takes a sip of his Zappo Cola, and pours some onto the floor..

OL. Some for me, and some for you Chico.

Overlord looks back to Bad Blood.

OL: The man beast has gone insane, I tell you insane..but it will give us a chance to take out Guillotine, for seducing the 12 nuns, and turning the orphanage into a sweat shop to make his toys. Rat Fink charged you thirteen cents a figure to make yours. But if he wants this match....

Overlord walks over to a trunk, and opens it up. Inside it is made up like a gun case, and inside is a green and black baseball bat. It has the top half covered in barbwire, and the center of the top drilled out, with a stick of dynamite sticking out of it.

OL: Time for the biggest baddest boom the UNWA has ever seen.
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UNWA IS DEVASTATOR X KICKING ASS IN A CAGE MATCH!!!!! (Open to everyone mentioned, not mentioned, or just looking to have fun)
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