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 Some mind games...(open to choirboy)

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PostSubject: Some mind games...(open to choirboy)   Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:31 am

The scene opens up to find us outside of a church actually a catholic church at that. We make our way in and see this church is rather large and we see the candles at the front of the church but are attention is turned to the confessions where we see Natural Born Killer going into one. Before he does though he motions for the camera to come over and when it does he goes in with a mic. From outside all we see the outside but we can hear Natural Born Killer begin to talk.

N.B.K.:"Forgive father for I have sinned."

Priest:"Tell me your sins son."

N.B.K.:"Well I have committed acts of violence over the past few weeks with no regret."

Priest:"Is that all?"

N.B.K.:"No it is not. I also have feeling that there is more violence to come especially come Friday."

Priest:"Son this is not good. You need to remove the hate and violence from your heart and all will be forgiven."

N.B.K.:"Ok but I don't know if I can and plus...

About that time we hear a crash in the confession and the next thing we see is the priest coming out of his side rather quickly. N.B.K. comes out laughing and begins to talk again.

N.B.K.:"I don't think I am getting forgiven for going after a man of the cloth."

N.B.K. stands and watches the priest continue to run away before continuing.

N.B.K.:"Now as for my opponent come this Friday. Choirboy, I don't care if you are a man of the cloth or for that matter if you have god on your side. Because this Friday you can have whatever you want on your side because in the end my violence will be more powerful than anything you got working for you."

N.B.K. looks to walk away before turning back with a rather sadistic smile.

N.B.K.:"Oh and two more things Choirboy. I really hope you have already cashed in on your date with Alexis because after Friday I am sure she will rather be with a real man instead of your carcass. And also remember I'm going to kill you."

With that N.B.K. just smiles in a rather sadisticly way again and then walks away as we fade away.

ooc do not mean to offend anyone if i am off based on how confession works but thought it would lend to a little build up for me and choirboy

Last edited by N.B.K. on Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:33 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : explanation)
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PostSubject: Re: Some mind games...(open to choirboy)   Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:53 pm

**Cut to Choirboy, sitting in the locker room, thinking about how he's supposed to follow up on his date with Alexis. 'If only Syn was still around, he'd tell me what to do.'
Choirboy is quickly brought out of his deep thoughts by his cell phone ringing. He looks at it, and sees 'St. Bartholomew's Church' on there, and answers the call.**

Choirboy - 'Hello?......yes, this is he, how can I.......what? What happened? Natural Born Killer?....What? Calm down. Just calm down.....what did he say? Uh huh, yeah.....ok. Thank you.'

**Choirboy hangs up the phone, and takes a deep breath. 'Another name, another face. Another person expecting to make a name from mine.' He shakes his head, and walks to the sink and mirror. 'It's not going to happen this time.'**
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Tyler Ford
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: Some mind games...(open to choirboy)   Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:08 am

i would say this is a good end to this rp
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PostSubject: Re: Some mind games...(open to choirboy)   

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Some mind games...(open to choirboy)
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