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 New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)

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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

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PostSubject: New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)   Wed May 06, 2009 12:15 pm

(Yeah... not sure who's doing what... so I'm running off the last show)
Several flashes of light, a guitar rift, and a cheering crowd later, Distor’s cleared the barrier, and is now standing in the ring, mic in hand.
“Last month, we all had our goals, plans that we were focused on… and the majority of us generally failed. The good news is we can all now focus on something new this season.”
Distor sits up on the turnbuckle, looking as if he’s about to tell some sort of story.
“Before I tell all about my plans for this season, I’ll give a little back story. You see, at the start of last season UNWA picked up some new talent. They scored some wins, some losses, some draws. Nothing brilliant, but still reasonable wrestling calibre.”
“Now, during the month they were here, it would appear giving them the power to lay a beat down to whoever else is in the ring with them has clearly gone to their head. The end result… is this.”
The titantron plays the clip near the end of the match between Ace Douglas and N.B.K., as he, John Oh No, and El Cartographer stomping on the lifeless body of Ace.
Distor jumps down from the turnbuckle, and stands in the centre of the ring again.
“N.B.K., I’m calling you out here. Bring your friends with you if you must. I want to know something. How exactly do you intend to win the Pride Title? It took you, and two other cronies just to become number one contender, and as well all know, that trick will not work twice.”
“But even so, I, and I’m fairly certain plenty of others want to… put you through your paces so to speak… as well as get your answer, so how about you come on down.”
“And while I’m at it… anyone else who wants to have a few words with this new number one contender, feel free to come out here as well.”

Last edited by Distor on Sat May 16, 2009 10:02 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)   Fri May 08, 2009 12:12 am

Natural Born Killas begins to play over the arena speakers as N.B.K. walks out to the ring. The fans are booing him and he is just atagonizing them by making gun motions with his hands at the fans and occasionaly a rifle motion to atagonize the ones in the rafters. He finally makes his way in the ring and grabs a mic and looks at Distor before talking.

N.B.K.:"Just exactly who do you think you are. Or better yet do you not understand who I am and what group I represent."

N.B.K. pauses as the crowd boos him but they calm down so he can continue.

N.B.K.:"Oh yeah thats right your one of these chumps that think just because I am new that I have not been put through my paces as you say. Well let me learn you on something and yes I said learn because I have learned that many of you in the back are too stupid to be taught. I have been in many feds chump and the reason I am here is to face what many consider the best. Well from my perspective I'm still waiting on that because look at my record. I put down that idiot Choirboy and also put down that chump Hemorrhage. And now I get you coming out here running your mouth."

N.B.K. pauses again as he just looks at Distor with distain.

N.B.K.:"But you know I'm in a giving mood tonight so let me explain how this is going to work. I am going to cash in my number one contendership and beat that pumpkin smashing idiot Samhain. And I will do it without any help just like I could have easily beat Ace without any help but why do it alone when the Chaos Legion can show their dominance. But enough about that lets just get down to the real point you are out here. You think you want to fight me but your scared. Your scared that I will treat you like I have everyone put in my way. And that treatment is violence and it is my favorite thing. So either get over your fear and decide to fight me or get the hell out of the Chaos Legion's ring."

With that almost provokingly N.B.K. turns his back on Distor without even thinking of looking back as he says.

N.B.K.:"Oh one more thing Distor if you choose to grow a set just remember I'm going to kill you."

With that N.B.K. steps over the top rope and gets out of the ring and heads back to the back...

ooc back to you distor or anyone else that wants to come out
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Ace Douglas
Title Challenger
Title Challenger
Ace Douglas

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PostSubject: Re: New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)   Sat May 09, 2009 12:36 am

Before N.B.K. can get to the back The Gambler begins to play over the arena speakers and out walks Ace Douglas. He is staring a hole through N.B.K. as he pulls a mic out and begins to speak.

Ace:"N.B.K. why don't you do something smart for once and shut up. Hell boy you try to act all big and bad but it took three men to cost me the number one contendership for the Pride title and hell that almost did not work for you. But enough about the past because I don't want to dwell on it. What I came out here for is for you N.B.K. to deliver a message to your Chaos Legion. I might only be an army of one right now but I would not expect that to stay that way for long. So you make sure you and Aquilus and that fat Biggfoot and your two cronies understand that you better make sure to put me down soon because soon the shoe will be on the other foot. You better believe that is a guarantee bet that it will change soon enough."

With that Ace leaves the stage area and goes backstage and you can see that Ace coming out did not sit well with N.B.K.
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PostSubject: Re: New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)   

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New and Old, Young and Bold (Open to Ace, N.B.K., John Oh No, El Cart)
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