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 The Towering Ten

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PostSubject: The Towering Ten   Thu May 07, 2009 10:14 pm

[Winston and Frankie come out to the ring in formal apparel]

Winston: Hello UNWA!

Frankie: Today we have a very special treat for all our fans. The administrators back stage that it is time for a ranking system in the UNWA. This new system is called The Towering Ten. This list is a list of the top ten UNWA wrestlers based on their performance each week. And-

Winston: I think they get it, Frankie. Now lets turn our heads to the titantron for the first official Towering Ten!

[The titantron flashes on as a picture of each Towering Ten Wrestler appears along with a short summary on their wrestling performances]

1. Von Ryan (Memberstate Champion) - The new Memberstate Champ took down Bruiser Bob at “Line in the Sand” and is looking to continue his reign this season. Can Von continue to defend his belt or will Von Ryan’s Express come to a screeching halt?

[The crowd cheers with approval with a few boos here and there]

2. Snake the Destroyer- With the help of the GM, Snake successfully defeated the prison wardens once and for all. Will Snake, arguably the most dominant force in the UNWA, continue to destroy his opponents and finally get his hands on a belt?

[The crowd cheers once again as a chant of "Snake" begins]

3. Bruiser Bob- Even though Bruiser lost his gold at the end of last season he still had a great run with 8 straight title defenses. Is he eyeing gold again, or will he follow another path this season?

[The cheers for Snake end as the fans cheer even louder for their beloved ex-Memberstate champ]

4. Leon Heart- The GM aided Snake at “Line in the Sand”. Can Leon maintain order in the UNWA, both inside and outside of the ring?

[Once again the building erupts with cheer and applause, but with a small amount of boos]

5. Chaos Legion (Aquilus and Biggfoot) – After losing to helpless Yellow Girl at the PPV, Chaos Legion left the ring with the tag title belts claiming that Yellow Girl had no tag partner. Can the two prove that they are legitimate champions, or is there another duo eying the belts?

[Chaos Legion recieves an overhaul of boos, but with some screams of loyal supporters]

6. Damien Darkness (Hardcore Champion) – In a grueling match Damien Darkness came out winning the gold, but at what cost? Can he continue his to maintain his supremacy and truly show what it means to be hardcore?

[The boos continue, but lower a little]

7. Yellow Girl – After being deserted by El Lobo, Yellow Girl must wonder what is next. Is this truly the end of the Wolfpack, or simply a new chapter in Yellow Girl’s career?

[The boos turn into will cheers for Yellow Girl]

8. Samhain (Pride Champion) – The pumpkin smasher of the UNWA, got the first gold of his career after beating Freelancer. Can he put up another thrilling performance at his first title defense?

9. Choirboy (Mr. Cash in the Hand) – After winning the CiH briefcase in the Bash for the Cash, the ex-prestige champion is looking to get his hands on gold again. The question is, where and when will he cash in?

[Choirboy and Samhain receive a good round of applause]

10. Natural Born Killer – The new contender for the pride belt looks to take down Samhain this season, after he defeated Ace Douglas at the PPV. Will NBK succeed in his quest for the belt, or will he come up short?

[The applause lessens, but continues for NBK]

Looking In (Others who deserve mention)
Kaluani – The VGM has been quiet for the past few weeks. Will he come out with a bang this season?

Captain Howdy (Night Hawk) - The new Phoenix Champ is looking for even more success this season, but will it simply end as a failure?

Winston: Well there you have it, our first ever Towering Ten!

[Frankie and Winston both head backstage]

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Leon Heart
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PostSubject: Re: The Towering Ten   Thu May 07, 2009 10:18 pm

ooc - excellent work, thanks Hem
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The Towering Ten
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