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 an update (please read)

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Leon Heart
Leon Heart

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PostSubject: an update (please read)   Fri May 08, 2009 9:19 pm

Hey all,

I thought I would give you all an update as we await the next season to come around.

Last Season

I thought we had a great season, and the VGM's as well as El Cartographer did a great job in running things while I was on holiday. I also thought we continued to have some really great rp from you guys.

The only thing that was a little worrying was the number of people that we lost either permenately or for a long period of time. One thing I would remind you guys is that after 10 days of inactivity on TWG I get the chance to chop up any contract you were on, please if you are not going to be here for a while let me know or else I will need to look to bring others in. I try to remain loyal to those who remain loyal to me, but if you dissapear and I don't know if you are coming back then I have to look to replace you.

We survived being relegated from our divison, however I would say that most of the GM's were aware that the points system seems to be screwy at the moment, although I would say if we continue to have great rp like we always have then it doesnt matter to me which divison we are in!

Next Season

The GM's have not been told how long the season break is, but it seems that as the show editor has not been unlocked at this point that it will be a two week break. I can see we already have some great rp up and running and I know that we have some interesting stories all lined up, so keep your thinking caps on and lets make this the best season yet. Remember try to think long term and lets have a few feuds to blow off at the end of season ppv!

We have had a great idea from Hemorrhage who is doing the Towering Ten, and if anyone else wants to add something to the fed forum or fed show then please let me know. In particular if anyone wants to do some show recaps that would be great!

Your help in editing

Each rp you make we put into the shows and then we (usually poor Von!) will then go through it and edit it into the format you see in the show, it would help HUGELY!! if you could divide each line with a dash (-) if you could also colour is WHITE that would be super. You see the show editor does not recogonise normal spacing, which then means without the editing every line would be bunched up and look unattractive.

Please something that takes you guys seconds will add up to a lot of time when you think of all the rps we have to add into the show. The more you help us the more time we have for other things!

Thanks in advance for your help with this!

RP Rules

Just a gentle reminder of a couple of things

1. Do NOT attack people physically in rp's unless you have their consent, if you want to attack always give the other person a chance to avoid that attack if they so wish by leaving an opening in your rp

2. The best feuds have give and take, maybe one week you will look strong then next your opponent will look strong. remember beating someone you have labelled weak is pointless, but beating someone you have kept strong makes you look strong

3. No swearing, I keep saying it, but it still happens....TWG is a family game and therefore shows need to stay PG13, if something is pushing the boundry then please ask me or one of the VGM's if it is ok. The reason for this is feds get closed every month for breaking rules and we do not want to be one of them

4. No racial or sexual insults, insinuation is one thing, labelling someone a 'homo' is another Evil or Very Mad

5. remember if an rp is not 'open' to you, always check with the person who made the rp before adding your two cents

6. Remember there is always a deadline for shows so please try to stick to it!


Just a final quick word on what a great job they do. They work on these shows hours each day, sometimes it can take up there whole day off, or messes up plans as they try to fit in time when they have personal stuff going on, and they do it all for you guys!!

Thanks for reading! and thank you for making this the best damn fed out there!

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an update (please read)
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