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 The Reign of Von Ryan Continues

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PostSubject: The Reign of Von Ryan Continues   Wed May 20, 2009 4:44 am

Von Ryan's enterance song 'Shame' by Stabbing Westward blares throughout the building!!!
Von Ryan walks out onto the ramp wearing a suit with the Memberstate belt displayed proudly over his shoulder. He takes a minute to glare with a cocky smirk towards all the booing and cheering fans.
Straight from the last PPV, A Line in the Sand, two beautiful ladies dressed as Cleopatra step out of the tunnel holding giant ostrich feather fans. They wait and pose patiently behind Von Ryan on the ramp.
Von Ryan and his Cleopatra's make their way to the ring. Once there Von Ryan stands in the middle of the ring staring the loud crowd down with an all too familiar Von Ryan arrogance!
The two Cleopatra's stand at either side of Von Ryan and fan him adoringly with the ostrich feather fan's.
Von Ryan raises the mic to to speak.....
Von Ryan: "The Reign of Von Ryan is here to stay! Today, standing before you is the UNWA heavyweight champion of the world. And its not that fraud Kaluani, its not that criminal creton Snake, and its not Theram or Leon Heart either! It is Von Ryan, the greatest and most perfect man ever to grace the halls of this great wrestling establishment. And deep down even you morons in the crowd that boo me know that I am the best there ever is and the best there ever will be."
The corwd BOOS and mocks!!!
Von Ryan: "Oh whats that I hear? Jealousy! Because you are who you are and I am who I am.....the worlds greatest, Von Ryan!"
Von Ryan leaves the ring and approaches the barrier as he points out to people in the crowd. The Cleopatras follow to continue their fanning duties for the champion.
Von Ryan points to a fan: "Your jealous! Its obvious because your wearing a Revolution shirt! They suck so much that they don't even exist anymore! Update your waredrobe will ya and buy a Von Ryan shirt you sick twisted freak!"
Von Ryan walks around the barrier and points to another fan: "And your jealous! I mean look at you!? You look like an Austrian from around here .... Every other country on the face of the Earth is better than Austria! I mean ... what is Austria even famous for!? Nothing comes to mind! Get a life and move across the border for God's sake! Do it now!"
Von Ryan walks around the barrier and points to some fans: "Wait a minute! Wait a minute here.... A Reign of Von Ryan shirt! A bunch of them! Now here is some people whom clearly already know whom is the most dominant wrestler here...Von Ryan!!! There ARE intelligent people in Austria ... who knew!?"
Von Ryan exclaims: "The Reign of Von Ryan is here forever! This belt proves it!!! You idiots that still don't get it I have pity on your poor unenlightened little lives. Watch and learn from the strongest, the most dominant, the most popular, the most handsome, the most sexy, the most exciting wrestler of all time!!! VON RYAN!!!!"
Von Ryan: "Oh, did I meantion the most handsome? Oh, I did? Good."
Von Ryan tosses down the mic and he heads back towards the tunnel with a cocky smirk, the Cleopatra's follow right behind.
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The Reign of Von Ryan Continues
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