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 Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks

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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

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PostSubject: Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks   Mon May 25, 2009 1:05 pm

Dark Avenger leaves the ring in disgust after his loss to M.Paige but getting my memory back is far more important to me than anything else.
He wanders backstage where he comes across the locker room area,which is like a maze of private rooms.
First room has a sign on it saying Tyler Ford,suddenly a pain strikes Dark Avenger's head as though he remembers something,why is this name familar to me?

]We see Tyler Ford coming out under the
ring, he is armed with a barbed wire bat!

Winston: "And
this one is armed!"

Tyler Ford hits Yellow Girl on the back of
her head with the bat, executing a
barbed wire shot!!![


Yellow Girl now why would that name be familar also and why would i know someone who would attack a girl with a barbed wire bat? Am i evil underneath my mask,oh i must know more.
Dark Avenger concentrates harder on Yellow Girl,

Yellow Girl, who seems to be in a trance, not checking anything that happens
around her. Tears stream down her cheek like a waterfall and she doesn't even
try to resist to Timelord. Who is or was this evil Timelord that would make a girl cry so much,did he break her heart or something?
I feel so sorry for this girl and i will help her if i possibly can,it will be my mission besides regaining my memory.Maybe Winston plays a role in this too,oh i am so confused.
Dark avenger moves on till he comes to another locker room with a sign saying Chaos Legion but he notices that it's only a sticker covering another nameplate so he peels it back to reveal Revolution!!
Again the pain soars throughout Avenger's head as he remembers back
Timelord and Yellow Girl are sitting down to a luxury 12 course
meal,k-9 has a gold plated bowl of oil mixed with nuts and bolts.Hmm she seems happy there with this Timelord and his stupid tin mutt,i must think more.
Timelord throws an angry look at her. YG only smiles in his direction, than turn around and leave the scene.So it wasn't always a bed of roses then,strange but who is this?
As Dark avenger focuses more another person comes into his head wearing a long robe.Now who is this freak?

Aquilus walks into the Revolution locker room and rests his sword by
the door. He shuts the door behind him and raises his hands slightly to
get the attention of Timelord and Tyler Ford.
Aquilus who can this be? Wearing a robe and carrying a sword,gee there are alot of freaks around here.Back to my thinking....
the Gods of
chaos give us all their blessings, and adknowlege your leadership. What
say you all? Are you ready to wreak havok amongst all of our foes? Is
this the season to prevail? Of course it is, let chaos commence!"
Seriously what planet is this guy from and why does this mean anything to me at all?Wait is there more from this mouthpiece or whom?
these are the reason the fans listed as to why the winner will pick up
this award....this man continued the abomination that is The
Revolution..he took them to new dasterdly heights, bringing stonger and
madder men on board, creating the ultimate stable. This man helped put
our General Manager Leon Heart in hospital, not knowing whether he will
ever be back in the UNWA. This man laughs in the face of kindness,
spits in the face of honour. This man even appears to have done a deal
with the unknown Hooded Man! He is so hated even his dog ran away!"
Mama D: "It says that all on the card? Let me see?!"
Mama D grabs the card out of WInston's hand and her face drops!
Mama D: "Most Hated!! My Timey!! Surely there must be some mistake!! What do you morons know anyway!"
The fans in the crowd start to boo Mama D
"Well, I can't believe I supported this man and The Revolution in the
early months! Here is your most hated UNWA wrestler.....TIMELORD!!!"

Timelord comes out as the booing intensifies, he is loving the attention and raises the Rev belt high for all to see.

Timelord is wearing a t-shirt with the words printed on the front,

Where Is K-9?

First of all he winks towards Mama D and says later,causing Mama to blush.

Then he turns his attention to Winnie,

sir are nothing but a glory hunter,one minute with us next against
us.We buried Leon do you Winston want to join him? I'm sure the hole
will be big enough for your fat ass ha ha.

To business Most Hated ME!Why?What did I do ha ha?

Anyhow this award isn't just for me as a few guys helped to make me Most Hated,so let's
bring out Rev 3.0 as some would say,

Aq lord of chaos and surely most evil man in Unwa,What does this crazy man have to do next?,

Tyler Ford no titles till he joined us and more to follow i'm sure,

It's like some sort of sick award for being evil,well i.The Dark Avenger must discover more but all these flashback's have weakened me,i must rest for now.

ooc hope its ok using old show stuff and rps but i feel fits well and it's also to thank all my mates for everything and of course RESPECT GUYS AND GIRL
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Leon Heart
Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks   Wed May 27, 2009 7:13 pm

ooc - I love it!
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

Number of posts : 20
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks   Wed May 27, 2009 9:38 pm

ooc hope u love the next one u may be in it lol
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks   

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Dark Avenger Unwa Flashbacks
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