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 Tonight is the beginning of the end for Chaos Legion...(open to Aq, Biggy and YG)

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Tyler Ford
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer
Tyler Ford

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PostSubject: Tonight is the beginning of the end for Chaos Legion...(open to Aq, Biggy and YG)   Wed May 27, 2009 12:18 pm

Lights Out by P.O.D. begins to play over the arena speakers as Tyler Ford is seen in the balcony area. He has a mic and begins to talk.

Tyler:"Oh Chaos Legion."

Tyler pauses like he expects Chaos Legion is going to come out before continuing.

Tyler:"Yeah I didn't figure you would come out. I mean I am sure knowing Aquilus that he is still too busy trying to find out who to blame for me becoming Yellow Girl's partner. Well Aquilus let me tell you who to blame. Blame yourself because you are the one that has got me interested in this. Because tonight I do what I should have done when I fought you in the cage. Beat you and end the Revolution or as you call it now the Chaos Legion."

Tyler pauses again as he gathers what he wants to say.

Tyler:"Now on to one other topic, I know most have said this team of Yellow Girl and me will not work. Or they say that I will leave this team once I get whatever it is that I'm trying to get out of this team. Well for all of you that feel this way that is your choice. But I am in this team for the long haul and I have got Yellow Girl's back regardless of whether she wants my help or not. It is as simple as that but I know that saying it is one thing and doing is another. Well that is why I will not discuss this again because I am going to let my actions do my talking on that subject."

With that Tyler lowers the mic and goes to leave until...

ooc on to who wants to be next
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

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Location : Detroit Michigan
Registration date : 2009-03-24

PostSubject: Re: Tonight is the beginning of the end for Chaos Legion...(open to Aq, Biggy and YG)   Thu May 28, 2009 4:05 pm

Smoke starts to cover the entrance and sparks are showering down over the smoke. Adrenaline from Crooked X starts to play and out through the smoke the 7'5 515 pound giant Biggfoot appears wearing a Made in Detroit t-shirt. He slowly makes his way to the ring and the crowd is mixed with some cheers but mostly boos. He walks up the steps and climbs over the rope. He is just staring at Tyler and then begins to speak.

Biggfoot: "DETROIT......

The crowd begins to cheer

Biggfoot: "My hometown. It's going to be great to be able to officially be called the Tag Team Champions here in Detroit....even though we are the Tag Team champs already and this so called team we are facing tonight is really no team at all"

The reaction from the crowd is mixed again

Biggfoot: "Now Tyler I told you that you were next on my hit list and a smarter person would've disappeared but for some reason you want to stand in my way."

Biggfoot begins to laugh

Biggfoot: "Not the smartest thing to do. I know that you have seen the destruction that I have caused here. So that means one of two things. Number one....you're too stupid to know any better or number two....No wait it can only be number one because no one in their right mind would want to challenge me, Aquilus or any of the Chaos Legion. So I hope you know what you're getting yourself into little man because you will soon find out that no matter how good you think you are....BIGGER IS BETTER"

Biggfoot stands in the middle of the ring
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Tonight is the beginning of the end for Chaos Legion...(open to Aq, Biggy and YG)
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