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 When Friends meet, the ring trembles! (Open to Theram, Devastator X, YG or anyone who wants to)

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PostSubject: When Friends meet, the ring trembles! (Open to Theram, Devastator X, YG or anyone who wants to)   Fri May 29, 2009 9:42 pm

We see Jason in front of an old oak door, with a sign "Training Room" on it. He looks to the camera, sorts his dress again and then speaks to the camera.
Jason: "Good Night Fans of the UNWA! It is I, Jason, the worlds greatest Interviewer! Tonight, I will confront Kaluani with his enemy for tonights show, as I have been told been by Devastator X, that he is yet unaware whom he has to fight tonight!"
He clears his throat before speaking further.
Jason: "And I bet he will be surprised... As it is no one else than Theram! Theram, who has been a friend and a rival of Kaluani all along since he joined the UNWA. They both brought some of the greatest matches EVER to be seen on TV screens, and we certainly all remember how they destroyed the Hell-In-A-Cell Cage at our very first PPV "Continental Chaos" ! But, enough of the talk about old memories... Let's see how Kaluani reacts to this news!"
Jason opens the door, inside we see Kaluani, his hands wrapped with bandages and he is fighting heavily with some wooden figures. He is acting really fast and as Jason sees Kaluanis fighting skills, he is stunned for a short moment before regaining his conscience and stepping forward.
Jason: "Kaluani... on a word!"
Kaluani stops for a moment, looking over to Jason. He delivers a devastating blow against one of the wooden figures, making it crack, then he turns to him.
Kaluani: "What's up Jason? No use in annoying unbusy wrestlers around here?"
He gives Jason a warm smile while grabbing after a towel and cleaning his sweat-filled face.
Jason: "No... I got word from Devastator, and I know who you will be fighting tonight... You eager to hear it?"
Kaluani: "Well... I will fight with everything I got, no matter is my enemy in the ring, but sure, go right ahead!"
Jason: "You will get another chance to make this sunday something you'd call "A Night to remember!" Your enemy for tonight..."
Jason pauses for a aesthetic moment of excitment before continuing.
Jason: "Is THERAM!!!"
Kaluanis smile widens and he nods his head to Jason.
Jason: "Say, are you happy? What will happen tonight?"
Kaluani: "Well... The same will happen that has happened the last three times Theram and I had the chance to fight. We will get in the ring, rock the damn hall and will make the fans forget that there even are other matches on the card that night! When we two friends step in the ring and become enemies, the ring itself will tremble and the earth will be shaken ! When forces like Theram and I meet in a fight, nothing will stand its ground!"
Jason: "Tough words, but can you let them be followed by actions? You did not so well against Snake last week and your words were big back then !"
Kaluani smiles a little cocky, arrogant smile. "Well. I have trained hard the last week, although there is lots of VGM business to attend to these days. Since Theram and I arrived here, we both grew stronger and stronger... and if you remember what happend the first time we met, then you should re-think your answer...
I am in perfect shape right now. It doesn't matter if it is Von Ryan, Theram, Bruiser Bob or even little Snakey... As long as I can give my very best and the fans are enjoyed, the match can only know one winner... and that is the avatar of the elements!"

Jason: "Nice said... We will see if those are just hollow words, if Theram will destroy you in the match or not. Well, well... your performance wasn't that good in the last few days. I wish you all the best... but maybe one last question..."
Jason has a bold grin on his face as he utters those words, but Kaluani looks to him, then nods.
Jason: "Is it possible that your attention may rest on different business instead of the fight itself... Things like... Yellow Girl for example?"
Kaluani throws his towel at Jason and his face turns to a widely more serious look.
Kaluani: "Don't stretch your rights too far, Jason... Surely, my attention is split between different UNWA-issues right now... This mysterious bombing guy on the loose, An old friend in need of help, and yes, I do care about friends... But when it comes down to a match, there is nothing that disturbs my concentration. Could you now let a busy man go back to his working duties?"
Jason nods and Kaluani passes on beside him, attempting to leave the room.

(OOC: Heck, this became longer as i thought it would! And somehow it isn't totally Kaluani-Style, but anyhow, he has a hard time right now, so he may be a bit stressed Smile
Anyone who wants to join - Kal can be stopped right there and as Jason is an arrogant guy, he will interview anyone who is coming along and thinks he can add anything to the scene)
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When Friends meet, the ring trembles! (Open to Theram, Devastator X, YG or anyone who wants to)
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