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 A Surprise Friday Night Annoucement from the other GM!

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PostSubject: A Surprise Friday Night Annoucement from the other GM!   Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:32 pm

The Gigantictron will erupt to life as the GM of Sunday Night Devastation, Jason Davis will be seen seated at a desk. He will smile and address the fanbase of the UNWA. -

"Thank each and everyone of you for tuning in to this show, the other show, the weak and drowning UNWA program. I know right now our ratings just jumped since I am making an appearance here of Friday night, so you all can thank me later. I am here tonight more as a competitor than General Manager, but I do have a few things that need to be aired in a public forum outside of Sunday Night, since a few of you fans can't find a way to tune in on Sunday, we cater to even you the mentally handicapped. As the GM of Sunday Night Devastation I try to ensure that each and every week you have the greatest shows, the best stars, and eye candy to drool over. Here in the recent weeks I've had the unfortunate task of letting Guillotine go to handle is wrestling duties abroad. I was forced to let Bad Blood relinquish his title without his immediate rematch brought to task, which cost him in his eventual rematch with Night Hawk. Then The Agenda was ready to allow Vengeance a chance to take over the open slot for partial ownership of the UNWA, to make it a true Agenda of Darkness, but now we are forced to move on as him as a fledling flunky. Then I see the competition committee is putting The Overlord in a meaningless tag team match just to keep him from this rightful place as a contendor to Baba's title. Each and every week it appears that I and Damien Darkness are the only two member of our Agenda that are allowed to shine. I am going to ask the committee to put myself and The Overlord in a tag team match at the pay per view, so we can show how mighty The Agenda can be in the Tag Team Division. No the team of Devastating Darkness may not be appearing, it isn't fair to make Damien Darkness, the mayor of E-Ville, and current Terror Champion, to wrestle twice. However, The team of Overdose is more than a match for anyone the UNWA Competition Committee can wrangle together. So as Devastator X, I urge the UNWA to sanction a tag match for this upcoming pay per view, you will not be dissappointed at all! Well now you inbreds can get back to having sex with with your sisters, and have a great day!" -

Jason Davis will stand and pose with a X Effect before the screen will fade to black.
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A Surprise Friday Night Annoucement from the other GM!
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