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 UNWA Awards: Best UNWA Newcomer (open to all esp Samhain)

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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: UNWA Awards: Best UNWA Newcomer (open to all esp Samhain)   Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:03 pm

We are back from the last match at the stage with Frankie D striding out to the podium
Frankie D: "Right! I am fed up of being the third wheel here, It's time for me to announce the next winner of the Best UNWA Newcomer! Here are the nominees!
As Mama and Winston come out shaking their head at Frankie, the big screen shows the nominees of the next award
Frankie D: "And now Winston..if you wouldnt mind announcing the winner...I have an award to give out!"
Winston shakes his head again but open the envelope the reveal the card
Winston: "Another close one, much respect to Gem Stone and Biggfoot here but the winner is a guy who captured the Pride Title and seems unmoveable as champion.....SAMHAIN!!"
Winston forces the award into Frankie's hand as Frankie tries to squirm away, Winston keeps him there

ooc over to Samhain and hopefully some pumpkin goodness for Frankie!
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PostSubject: Re: UNWA Awards: Best UNWA Newcomer (open to all esp Samhain)   Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:47 am

Suddenly the lights dim and a thick, creepy fog rolls onto the stage!
Frankie D nearly jumps out of his pants and tries to move away but Winston holds him place.
Lightning rolls and flashes at the stage, Frankie D jumps terrified! He tries to move away again but Mama D takes his arm makes him stay in place.
Slowly the form of Samhain, with a creepy maniacal toothy grin, raises out of the fog behind Frankie D!
The crowd cheers!
Samhain: "BOOYA!!!"
Frankie D is petrified with fear! He turns around slowly to meet face to face with the scary maniacal grin of Samhain! The look of pure terror is frozen on Frankie D's face!
Samhain lifts his hands from the thick fog to reveal he is holding a pumpkin!
Samhain brings the pumpkin down atop of Frankie D's head executing a devastating Pumpkin Shot to Frankie D's Head!!!!
As quickly as he appeared Samhain slinks back into the think fog and then he and the award trophy are gone.
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UNWA Awards: Best UNWA Newcomer (open to all esp Samhain)
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