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 CHallenges (open)

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PostSubject: CHallenges (open)   Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:11 pm

Locker Room

Kaluani walks around the Locker Room. He seems a bit angry, but walks past the other wrestlers, greeting them. After some time, he comes to Frankie D.

Kaluani: "Oh, hi Frankie. Sorry 'bout last show, I didn't expect Mikey to beat you that badly..."

He grins, while Frankie looks not amused about Kaluani reminding him about that. He walks down the hall, takes a halt for a moment before the office of "BBC Richard Anthony". He shakes his head, walking further.

He walks past Bruise Li and Master Swee, stoping and making a small bowing gesture.

Kaluani: "Don't underestimate your opponent tonight, Bruise. He has some tricks in his hands, but I know you can beat him. Trust in your heart, trust in your own power. He can't stand the danger."

The camera follows as he enters his own office, closing the door behind him. The camera still waits in front of the office and gets some phrases Kaluani says.

Kaluani: "Darn it. I lost him somehow. DARN IT!"

After that, a smash can be heard.

Kaluani: "But I can still sense him. He must be around here somewhere."

Some moments pass, then Kaluani opens the door to his office, re-appearing in front of the camera. He stops and takes a deep look into it.

Kaluani: "Oh, interesting. You standing around everywhere, don't you?Well, while you're doing what you do best, you can do something for me... - and that is sending my words to everyone..."

Kaluani smiles, takes a seat in front of the camera, then starts to talk again:

Kaluani: "this is the UNWA. The greatest federation around. A place where fighters meet, for the sake of fighting, for honour in the ring, for pride!

But there are some people in this federation that don't even know these principles. There are some that even don't know how life is when you are not paying people for working for you.

Even our GM is fearing. He fears not that Theram or I may injure ourselves in battle. He does not fear his "Assements" to be in vain. What he really fears is that he has to accept that there are people in this federation who make him look weak in the ring. And his assistent, BBC... Oh well... Paulley is dumb enough to fail him one day... And when that day comes, BBC has to fear the anger of everyone he has made himself an enemy. And so far, that are a lot of people, and that won't be getting less...

I am here to fight, not to sit around. I am here to show my strength, show what I am made off ! i am here to give the fans a great show, but even more... I am here to find the challenge. I want to feel the limits, just to find a way to somehow breach them and become even stronger! I want to go to my very limits, just to know what to do to ignore them! And Mr. Heart is denying my match with Theram, the greatest challenge here in the fed. But know what? It's okay. I can make myself a challenge as well..."

Kaluani grins into the camera with a devilish smile. Before the cameraman can react, he walks off the hall, leaving an irritated cameraman behind.
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PostSubject: Re: CHallenges (open)   Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:22 pm

OOC: Does it matter that kaluani is far far better than me in game? I would be very interested in starting something but fear my character's vast gulf with kaluani game wise might make the whole thing pointless...
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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Re: CHallenges (open)   Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:50 pm

(OOC, Kal, I will leave that decision to you..perhaps you could start something, doesn't have to lead to a match, as Kal is the VGM perhaps it could lead to him giving you a match from someone else on the roster?)
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PostSubject: Re: CHallenges (open)   Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:55 am

(OOC: I don't really mind you working something out, but I think leons solution is one of the best for this problem Smile - so you make something up and i pair you with someone your league.)
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PostSubject: Re: CHallenges (open)   

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CHallenges (open)
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