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 Federations - FAQ

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Leon Heart

Number of posts : 1669
Age : 39
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: Federations - FAQ   Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:30 pm

Hi All,

I have seen a few questions around the forum, so I thought it may be best to start collating some quick answers for you all on one topic. The list will be updated as and when more questions come up (or as and when I know the answers! Razz )

Q. What is the point of a federation?

A. Some will say the best thing about a federation is you will gain fans and money, some of us however realise the best thing about being in a fed, is you get the chance to interact with people from across the world, you also get to put some fun rp segments together, and you gain more knowledge of TWG.

It is important also as a way to gain fans, despite what some may say, there are only TWO ways of gaining fans, one if from improving your stats (very slow fan gain!) the other is from having a match in a federation.

Q. How many appearances will I get in the UNWA.

A. Basically you will get the number that is stated in your contract, with the ability to possibly have 1-2 additional matches

Q. I didn't get my quota of matches in a month, why is that?

A. This will not happen often, and will only be one of two reasons, it was a genuine mistake, or you have not been active on the forum, and therefore someone else who has been rp'ing has been given additional matches.

Q. Why are entrances so important?

A. Not only are entrances important in TWG, they have extra importance in shows. Your entrance is always worth double in a show (5 levels will be worth 10 in a match on a show), therefore you gain more stars, the more stars you gain, generally means the more fans you gain after each appearance. Shows are judged on stars/fans the more you gain/have the better a show will sell. The better a show sells the more money you will gain for your appearance in it.

Q. When do I get paid for the show and when do I gain my fans

A. Usually you will get paid your appearance fee, merchandise money and increase of fans the day after a show, this is not controlled by anyone within UNWA, and you will get an automatic message on your TWG account.

Q. I lost fans after a show why is that?

A. On very odd occassions you may lose fans, it has happened to me only once. You do not lose fans for losing matches so please do not worry about that! Usually you only lose fans if you have been involved in a 'squash match' (a match where you beat your opponent very easily), don't worry you will gain them back again!

Q. My wrestler is not very good, does that matter in a fed?

A. No! you can lose every match and apart from having to change your rp a little! it has no effect on the fed or you. You will still gain fans and get paid for taking part

Q. When will we know who we are facing in a show?

A. It will take a little while, but the show card will be attempted to be posted 2 days before the show itself, however things if you want to RP ahead of time for the show, your match will reflect your rp. If you wish to have a specific match please let me or the VGM's know ahead of time.

Q. I want to add a role play for after the match but I do not know if I have won or lost, can you tell me?

A. NO! lol, everyone in the fed will not know ahead of schedule the results of the show (apart from me and the VGM's) you will either have to be inventive with the rp or do three rp's, one each for win, lose, draw

Q. I am developing a rp feud with someone can we have a special match (ie cage match)?

A. Not really, as the fed makes more money over time, we will be able to buy special matches (although not cage matches!) however as things progress, we can alter the match to look as if it is a certain type of match, although this will not happen in the near future

Q. Someone is taking my rp in a direction I did not want, what can I do?

A. Let them know by private message and see if you can work something out, if not PM and I will help out

Q. Can we swear in our RP's?

A. Please try not too, some words are ok of course, but the GM leaders do watch the shows, and may issue warnings if there is swearing in the shows (please keep the swearing very mild!)

Q. Will we get title belts?

A. All in good time, all in good time...... Smile
Thats it for now, however more will follow..

Hope you find this helpful

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Leon Heart

Number of posts : 1669
Age : 39
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: Re: Federations - FAQ   Sun Aug 10, 2008 6:24 pm

Q. How do I get an improved contract?

A. Firstly there are only a certain number of contracts available to a GM to give out, therefore it is not always possible to give an improved contract, however having said that, better contracts are more likely to be given if you follow the following;

1. Be active on the forums and role-play
2. Build your entrance levels, this will help both you and the show, so entrance levels are invaluable.
3. If you are good with things like photoshop, feel free to create logos and banners etc for the UNWA
4. Keep up to date with things on the forum, and follow the rules!

Q. How do I improve my entrances?, they cost so much!

A. Yes they are a little expensive but they are not that hard to gain if you do the following.

1. Do not buy every move available to you, you gain more stars if you have more active moves, but only to the point of around 78 moves
2. Do not level every move up to a ridiculous number it really will not help your wrestler
3. Vote everyday!
4. Use your TP to join special tournements, this is the best way of making money
5. Do not buy Special Abilities, they consensus among those that have been playing is they are not worth it, unless you are going to sink a heap of money into them.

Please note no-one is forcing you to do this but entrances really will improve your wrestler as
More entrances = more stars
More stars = more XP
more XP = Advanced Techniques, and this will really improve your wrestler!
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Federations - FAQ
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