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 Bruise Li PreMatch Interview

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Bruise Li
You Can't Stand the Danger!

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PostSubject: Bruise Li PreMatch Interview   Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:56 am

["Hit Me Baby One More Time" begins to play throughout the arena, and the crowd begins cheering in anticipation of the arrival of Bruise Li. Sure enough, a moment later Master Swee Ensowa emerges from backstage, and Bruise Li is a few steps behind him. Master Swee Ensowa is looking dour in his usual attire, staff in hand. Bruise Li waves to the crowds as he walks down towards the ring. Master Swee enters the ring, nimbly as ever, and Bruise does as well. Master Swee produces a microphone from somewhere within the folds of his robe, while Bruise runs to the other side of the ring towards Frankie.]

Frankie: "OH "

[Frankie has nearly fallen out of his chair as he tries to spring to his feet to get away from Bruise. This time however, Bruise merely leans over the top rope, points and shouts something at him in Japanese. After Bruise finishes staring down Frankie, he walks towards Master Swee, who has been waiting to speak all this time.]

Master Swee: Let him be, he is beneath you. Unworthy of your attention. He is an annoyance, and nothing more. [Bruise nods] However, not all things are beneath you. Your upcoming match with the entity known only as Daxx is critical. You see, ladies and gentlemen, after Continental Chaos, Bruise was determined to earn a title match. In order to get another match with the champion, he has to earn it. Tonight, the Bruise Li road to the gold begins, Daxx will be but the first step.

[Master Swee hands the microphone to Bruise.]

Bruise: Tonight, I crush you Daxx! YOU CAN'T STAND THE DANGER! [A fair number of fans shout "You can't stand the danger" on cue as well.]

[Master Swee's face registers an expression of shock at something that Bruise just said. (And it wasn't the catchphrase, as that surprised nobody.]

Master Swee: You, you said his name correctly?

Bruise: (looking rather puzzled) Yes, why not? Me talk good. It just stayrowtype that say I not say names good.

Master Swee: (intrigued, but dubious) Do you think you'll do better against Daxx then you have against some of your more recent opponents, like the GM.

Bruise: Lion Hard was tough fight. I get next time. Elbowlow broke my focus with sloppy kiss. That not fair. No, tonight, like Captain Spark and Woolslinky, Daxx goes down!

Master Swee: You got Daxx's name right again, but nobody else's?

Bruise: What you mean? I say names good! Like VGM Kalooney. Is no problem.

Master Swee: [Looking rather bewildered at this point] Perhaps it is best if I don't think about it too much, as I am sure you haven't. [Master Swee pauses, gives one last confused look at Bruise, then turns back to the camera.] Moving on then. So to all you other contenders out there, Whether it be Yellow Girl, Double, or one of the new faces in the UNWA I want you to watch what Bruise does to Daxx, and you will see what happens when you get in the way of the most Dangerous Man in the UNWA today.

Bruise: (Leaning in to the microphone to interject) That me! In case it not clear!

Master Swee: Don't worry, I'm sure our fans knew who I meant, as they are an intelligent and discerning bunch, they cheer for us after all. (the crowd cheers for that) But I'm sure the fans are eager to see you perform in the ring now, so let's see about getting Daxx out here, because my Protege is going to be victorious tonight! (the crowd cheers and Master Swee gets out of the ring. Bruise bounces around the ring and practices some punches and kicks while waiting for Daxx to appear.)
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Bruise Li PreMatch Interview
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