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 Ruutu wants what's his (Kaluani/Leon/El Lobo/Yellow Girl/Revoultion/BBC... I think that's all)

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PostSubject: Ruutu wants what's his (Kaluani/Leon/El Lobo/Yellow Girl/Revoultion/BBC... I think that's all)   Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:35 am

::Jarkko Ruutu emerges from the entrance ramp. The crowd starts to litter down boos. Jarkko stands atop the ramp and takes in all the crowd abuse and smiles as he starts to walk down towards the ring. A fan wearing an "El Lobo" T-shirt, sitting near the walkway, throws a hot dog at Jarkko. Jarkko grabs a nearby security guard and directs him to eject the fan immediately. The guard escorts the fan up to the exit. This only feeds the crowds hatred towards the leader of The Revolution. Jarkko walks up the steel steps into the ring and grabs the microphone that was sitting on the turnbuckle::

Ruutu: Thank you, thank you for that wonderful ovation. I expected nothing less than that from a nation that was founded by English criminals and decades and decades of inbreeding. Kind of like West Virginia... with better teeth.

::The crowd continues to pour boos at Jarkko::

Ruutu: Keep booing all you want. All I hear is "Ruuuuuu". It's music to my ears. But enough of you wannabe limey bastards. I'm out here to voice my complete and utter disdain for what is going on here in the UNWA. Last week I was in this ring beating El Hobo to within an inch of his greasy life. I beat him in what I was told was a title match. But since I beat him Kaluani decided that an outsider couldn't hold the MemberState Title and he ripped up my contract. The Hobo is probably going to come down here and tell everyone that he gave up and let me win when his lap dog, Old Yeller, came down and told him that she did some "favors" for Kaluani and got him to take the title off the line. We all know that he was in trouble way before that. I would ask for the replay of the match to be shown, but I was told that that beating was so brutal that it has been banned in 38 countries and the state of Utah. So after I so fair and squarely beat the "champion" and got my title stolen from me, did I get a rematch to reclaim MY title? NO!!! Did I get the title given to me, which it rightfully should be? NO!!! Instead they put me in some meaningless match against Kaluani. I mean, sure, I MIGHT have bumped into him on Sunday while he was fighting Paulley. And sure I MIGHT have had to show him how to perform a couple of wrestling moves, but I also had to stop him from attacking poor defenseless Paulley.

::The crowd starts a chant of "Bulls**t, Bulls**t"::

Ruutu: Say what you will, but I was just following instructions from my boss, unlike you criminals out there. I was told to look after Paulley... and I did. Do I get rewarded for my good work? No... my title shot is instead given to some Iron Chef reject, Bruised Shin, or something like that. What has he done to deserve my shot? WHO HAS HE BEATEN??!!!? WHERE'S HIS MEDALS?!!??! I've beat the "champ". I've proved that that belt should rightfully be mine. Kaluani, you cost me my belt... now it's time for me to repay you. You think you're so clever banning The Revolution from ringside, but I don't need them to beat you. You can bring down El Hobo, Old Yeller Girl and whoever else you can find backstage. You'll need their help if you want to beat me. Bring it on.
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El Lobo
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PostSubject: Re: Ruutu wants what's his (Kaluani/Leon/El Lobo/Yellow Girl/Revoultion/BBC... I think that's all)   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:56 pm

There is no intro song, no cinematic intro upon the Titantron..Instead, someone in the crowd makes himself heard, by the use of a microphone.
"Pedejo..You beat the champ..You think that is enough?" The man rises up and rids himself of his hoodie.
El Lobo stands there in the midst of the crowd with bandage around his head, to the cheer of the audience.
"To earn my shot, I had to defeat Bruise, Kaluani even the GM himself...I had to fight my own Mamacita in the final for the title..I had to bleed."
The Latino shakes his head.
"You...you should know you can't win the title by a DQ you ignorant pendejo..Weapons are not allowed holmes..-you- -lost- your shot at the title even without Kal...Work your way up, soo you think your some hot shot from some backwater federation...Think again holmes...I would not say I'm the best there is here..I got lucky vato..God was on my side that day...The fans were on my side that day...but you...Jeffe..You're just BBC's lapdog..and I do not fight a Chihahua...Instead I went for its master."
And with that El Lobo gives the peace sign and turns to head out.
"Ohh...by the way Kal, Bruise, Double...if you hear this..I dont owe you all nothing, but I'll side you with against these loosers...anyday of the week for the sake of the UNWA fans! Infact, I'd urge any member of the UNWA with some pride to side against the usurpers that stole the Tag Team belt, tried to cheat their way to the Championship title...all so that the Red Coat bastard Richard, can manipulate more of your fate's...For Leon, Mexico and the UNWA!"
And with that, the fans go wild...tugging and begging for autographs from the departing champ that moves among their midst.
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Ruutu wants what's his (Kaluani/Leon/El Lobo/Yellow Girl/Revoultion/BBC... I think that's all)
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