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 Furious (open to Yellow Girl)

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'BBC' Richard Anthony
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PostSubject: Furious (open to Yellow Girl)   Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:01 pm

A camera opens to see UNWA benefactor 'BBC' Richard Anthony slumped over his desk and wiping his hand across a large plaster covering a gash he received last week. The camera moves in closer to BBC who is surround by his faithful subjects Revolution, his Personal Assistant Miss Peel and enforcer Paulley.

BBC addresses the camera calmly and clearly..
BBC: "I know it was you El Lobo, you damaged my flesh and for that you are going to pay dearly.. in fact is it wasn't for the quick actions of one Dr. Sotsog i may not have been here to state my intentions for that i would like to praise the good Doctor.. in actual fact i have been seeing Dr Sotsog for the past several day he has been helping me focus and revealing stress that anger has been inflicting on me.. his anger management sessions have helped me come to terms with your actions in fact i no longer feel anger towards you.. in fact i believe this therapy has cured me of anger i am no longer angry and i will never be angry again!.."

Miss Peel looks slightly confused and looks towards Paulley, who has even gasped hold of enough focus to listen in, before saying..

Miss Peel: "Really!?"

.... BBC: "NOOOO!!!... i still smell your stench in here Lobo!!... you want to hurt me?.. you want to cause me pain?... i will show you pain.. i will destroy you.. crush you like a bug.. i.." Miss Peel and Paulley move back in fright at BBC's outburst and BBC himself grasps hold of his desk and begins to breath deeply slowly mellowing down into a calmer state of being.. "You will suffer at my hands, but what i have in mind is no simple beat down.. oh no, when i cause you pain i go directly to what would hurt you the most El Lobo.. and that place is your heart."

BBC's smug smirk reappears on his face as the Revolution members laugh before BBC continues..

BBC: "I wont be causing you any physical pain El Lobo... just emotional.. the only person that might feel some pain is that nice sweet lady of yours.. Yellow Girl. I do hope she is watching as i can officially reveal she will be taking part in 'Revolution Challenge Match' next week... and before you think of anything silly i will be imposing the same unlawful restrictions that certain office members have forced upon my skillful helpers here.. So El Lobo, as far as Yellow Girls match is concerned, you will be included in the 'no interference from unsanctioned participants within the match' clause. The boys here have repeatedly offered their opinions on being subjugated like this, i wonder how you like it."

Back in the arena
Frankie D: "whats a Revolution Challenge Match?"
Winston: "i dont know Frankie.. but what every he's planning it isnt good for El Lobo and it damn sure is going to to good for Yellow Girl either"

the camera cut to Yellow Girl standing in the corridor looking at a backstage tv screen.
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Yellow Girl
Wolf Pack

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PostSubject: Re: Furious (open to Yellow Girl)   Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:14 am

Yellow Girl is watching BBCs break out and she begins to walk around in front of the TV Screen while BBS is speaking. After BBC finished she looks at the screen and dont move. The camera zooms to BBCs face, where he detastably grins into the camera. One scond before the camera fades out, Yellow Girl takes a chair, which is standing behind her, and smashes it into the TV screen, which bursts into many broken fragments.

I HATE YOU she screams to the broken TV Screen.

She leaves the corridor towards her locker room and she mumbles the words I hate you again and again. She passes El Lobos locker room and stops in front of his door.

I hope you havent seen this now. Your match this evening is more important at the moment. she wispers towards Lobos closed door.

Then she leaves and opens the door of her own locker room next to Lobos. She seems to be anxiously and nervous and while she closed the door behind her, one single tear can be surmised in her eyes.
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Furious (open to Yellow Girl)
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