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 After the bell (open to all)

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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

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Age : 45
Location : Toronto, Canada
Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: After the bell (open to all)   Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:22 pm

**Choirboy paces around the backstage area. A mix of sweat and blood drips down his young face. Suddenly, he stops and walks towards his gym bag. He pulls out the video camera he 'found', and turns it on. He stares into it coldly.**

Choirboy - Well Boozer McLoser, seems the better man won, no? Like I told all of you. I was going to break him, and I was going to make him tap out. Now, it seems like 2 men decided to stick their noses in where they didn't belong. Bruise Li. Captain Parkes. Gentlemen...

**Choirboy take a moment to wipe the blood/sweat from above his eyes. He pauses, and looks at his blood drenched fingers. He looks back at the camera, smiling.**

Choirboy - ...let me set the record straight here for you both. I think you're both terrific wrestlers. Matter of fact, I wouldn't mind saying if circumstances were different, I might think of you as friends. And yes, I understand, business is business. Sometimes we're tied into things larger than any of us. But you both made horrendous errors. You both decided it was in YOUR best interests to blindside me after my victory. Let me repeat that for the inbreds out there. MY victory. And now, I see you both for what you really are. Opportunistic.....yellow......cowards. Now you're both are going to have some apologizing to do. Not to me, mind you. No, you're going to start with Ogre for what happened to him after you two decided to bail out of the ring. Then, well....

**Choirboy licks his bloodied fingers to clean them, then looks back at the camera.**

Choirboy - You're going to have to apologize to my next opponent. Because I won't stop after I've beaten them like everyone else. No. I'm going to hurt them. I'm going to cripple them. And when they are laid up in the intensive care unit in the hospital, they'll keep watching the door to their room, praying that I do not visit them again. And they will have no one to blame but you both. As for Timelord, and the rest of our Rev friends, sit back and enjoy the ride fellas. We had some bumps before, but now we're on cruise control.

**Choirboy smiles into the camera and turns it off.**

(OOC So there you go fellas, open invite to any and all in my level for an I Quit match)
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Tyler Ford
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Number of posts : 341
Age : 38
Location : Clover, South Carolina, USA
Registration date : 2008-09-06

PostSubject: Re: After the bell (open to all)   Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:13 am

(We find Tyler sitting backstage watching the monitor. He seems intent on what he is watching and finally sees the camera that has come into the room. He turns and begins to talk.)

Tyler:"Oh where to begin. There is a lot to digest that has went down in the past week. I mean I lost to Killa Ray and I must admit to him that he is better than me. But I am not admitting that he is the boss of anything. The Revolution is cracking at the seams.

Which brings me to what I was watching. This Choirboy of the Revolution wants to make an open challenge to anyone for a I Quit match. Well guess what Choirboy you have Leon send the papers over and I will signed them because I accepted your challenge. And to be quite honest do not care what kind of match it is. Because I plan on getting off this bad habit I seem to be having of losing every match I am in here in UNWA. Now back to business."

(Tyler turns back to the locker room and begins walking that way.)
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Bruise Li
You Can't Stand the Danger!

Number of posts : 50
Registration date : 2008-08-10

PostSubject: Re: After the bell (open to all)   Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:39 am

[At yet another monitor, with yet another cameraman observing them, Bruise Li, Captain Parkes, and Master Swee Ensowa are watching Choirboy's interview.]

Bruise: You hear that? He call us yellow cowards! We are not cowards! And you [he points at Captain Parkes.] Aren't yellow! I not even say Me and Sifu totally yellow, we not live in Springfield.

Master Swee: I don't think he was make a racial remark Bruise. I think he was merely being redundant.

Bruise: Oh. Well, then we not yellow like cowards, either!

Captain Parkes: It seems that the Choirboy can't seem to handle a bit of his own medicine. You kidnap me, you help cost Bruise the title, you stand with the Revolution, you make yourself a target.

Bruise: He smarter than he looks though.

Captain Parkes: Well he would almost have to be, but what makes you say that?

Bruise: He not want piece of us. He gonna get back at us by attacking other people!

Captain Parkes: Well, if it makes him feel better.

Master Swee: Well, I'm sure his skills will grow in time, maybe one day he'll be worthy of facing either of you, until then, let's get back to focusing on tonight.

[Bruise and the Captain nod in agreement, and the camera fades out.]
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PostSubject: Re: After the bell (open to all)   

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After the bell (open to all)
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