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 Venting During The Off Season(Open)

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PostSubject: Venting During The Off Season(Open)   Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:46 am

:: Brooke is on location in Miami Florida, trying to catch up with UNWA Superstar Synyster::

Brooke: Hi! Im Brooke, UNWA's newest interveiwer! Im scheduled to do an interview with one of the UNWA's newer superstar Synyster!...I Did my homework on him and his career so I hope everything goes smoothly!

::Brooke walks into a beach side resturants and his greeted by the hostess, the hostess smiles and leads Brooke to the outdoor patio as all of the people looked stunned that camera's are there:

Brooke: Hey! Synyster!?

::Synyster polietly stands up as Brooke approaches then they both have a seat..Synyster is wearing a fitted Affliction T-shirt with avaiator sunglasses on..Brooke is wearing the female version of Affliction..Sinful..::

Synyster: Wow...You sounded unsure when you called my name...And if your wearing that shirt just to suck up to me it's not working..

Brooke: No! I know who you are...It's just my first interview and I wanted everything to go smoothly.

Synyster: Well isn't that precious.

::Synysters phone begins to ring, he takes it out of his pocket and looks who is calling...He sends them to voice mail and lays his phone on the table::

Synyster: Alright Brooke...The reason I told the UNWA to send a interviewer out here is because there's a few things I need to get off my chest...One Being Jmac

Brooke: I saw what he did to you during your match with Freelance!

Synyster: Thats good?...I've searched everywhere for Jmac...Every spot I could think of..He turned tail and ran out of the UNWA but that isn't going to save him..I've followed up to numerous leads all leading to nothing...So Jmac..If by any chance you see this interview...You can't hide...And I will make you pay for knocking me out of the Pride Tournament.

::Synyster takes off his glasses and lays them on the table and looks out across the ocean into the sunset...The wind kicks up and the Salty air combined with Syns cologne and Brooke's purfume make a new undescribable aroma::

Synyster: I came here trying to save the UNWA Brooke....Now look..After Breakdown we went from a Bad champ to a worse champ...Tag Teams champs who have the belt...Because there isnt really anthor tag team out there...And A man who is holding my Pride Title./color]

[color=violet]Brooke: The Silent Man!

Synyster: That's right...How the hell did Sarkovic even make it to the finals!?..He was a punching bag the entire fight! It's people like that who disgrace the UNWA! People who are in a match for the title and do absolutly nothing during the match!

::Synyster take a sip of his drink and sits it back down on the table::

Synyster: Atleast there is Timelord...A champion that people can look up to...Look a Pually our new memberstate champion...He reprents this company and he's nothing more than a mindless ogre...Shreks little brother if you will..

Brooke:(Laughs a little) But he did beat El Lobo fair and square.

Synyster:(Shrugs his shoulders) Something has to be done about all this...The Newly refored Revolution isn't going to stand for this medoricre wrestling...No one is safe...If your not with us..Then your agaist us...

Brooke: Synyster thank you for your time! We havent seen you around UNWA lately and thanks once more for updating us!

Synyster: Not a problem Brooke...And tell everyone in managment that I wont speak to no other interviewer but you in the future..

Brooke: Thank you!

::The Camera's fade away as the waitress comes up to the table with their food::
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Venting During The Off Season(Open)
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