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 New plans (Open to Bodders)

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The Silent Man
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Main Eventer

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PostSubject: New plans (Open to Bodders)   Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:56 pm

Dr. Sotsog is standing in a room. He is wearing around his waist the Pride-title belt that The Silent Man won at the last PPV, Breakdown! Silent Man is sitting on a bench and staring down on the ground.

Sotsog: "This belt is pretty heavy, Chatty, but it sure feels nice to have it."

Chatty does not respond in any way.

Sotsog: "I'm very proud of you, you took what you were supposed to take. And now we have a title-belt."

Sotsog looks at The Silent Man, who is still staring at the floor.

Sotsog: "I know you were not interested in getting this belt, but winning is good for you, trust me. But you should have a more competitive spirit, you are a wrestler after all."

Sotsog removes the belt from his waist.

Sotsog (in a very commanding tone): "Things are evolving Chatty, and you must pay attention to what I say now, and remember it tonight. So look up, look me in the eyes!"

The Silent Man slowly raises his head and looks at his doctor.

Sotsog: "You are becoming as strong as I've wanted you to be, so in the future you will be going for the Memberstate title."

Silent Man looks uninterested. Sotsog leans towards him.

Sotsog: "I know you are not dumb. I know you can do what I am about to tell you. Actually, as you have no interest in titles, it should be easy. Now that Bodders is my patient, I have to take care of both of you. That means I have to be sure Bodders is loyal to me. You've beaten on me a couple of times and learned that disobedience has a price. So I've forgiven you, and I know I can trust you."

Chatty shivers and looks scared.

Sotsog: "Bodders is yet to learn that obedience is mandatory and standing up to me has serious concequences. So his loyalty will first be gained through more gentle ways. I've spoken to the GM, and tonight you will defend your title against Bodders. You will wrestle so that it looks normal. But one thing must be sure: After tonights show there will be a new Pride-champion. Do you understand what you have to do, and that if you fail, you have to pay the price?"

The Silent Man is still for a moment and looks like he is remembering some painful experience. He then slowly nods his head. Sotsog hands him the title belt.

Sotsog: "Good, don't let me down. And wear that belt while you are still a champion. But it stays in the family, so to speak, so we'll be keeping that belt for a long time."

Sotsog: "I will now go talk to Bodders. And don't mention about this conversation to anyone - oh, wait you can't!"

Sotsog laughs at his own joke.

Sotsog: "It's a good thing to have a reliable friend, a friend who keeps all communications confidential."

Sotsog smiles, gently slaps Chatty in the face and leaves.


Doctor Sotsog walks in the hallway as he notices a familiar person. It is the janitor, who gave Silent Man a chocolate bar last season. He is now wearing an old grey suit instead of the overall.

Janitor (with a grin on his face): "Want some candy, doc?"

Sotsog (looking angry): "Didn't you get fired? You should have no business with UNWA!"

Janitor: "Yes, I got fired thanks to you. But you will get what is coming to you, Mr. Sotsog."

The janitor walks away.

Sotsog (looking furious): "It's Doctor Sotsog. And you have no way of interfering with me!"

The janitor vanishes out of sight.


Sotsog enters the room where Bodders is.

Sotsog: "Bodders, you've been a good patient, it's time to reward your active work and willingness to heal yourself."

Bodders looks at his doctor with a curious look on his face. Sotsog smiles kindly.

Sotsog: "Chatty didn't need your help at the PPV, but I saw you were ready to help. So you will get the reward I promised along with an extra bonus. Tonight you get a chance to get The Pride -title. You will be Chatty's first challenger. How does that sound?"

Bodders (looking delighted): "It sounds good, doctor!"

Sotsog: "And after the match, you will get candy - and I mean a lot of candy. I've bought candy worth of one... hundred... thousand... pounds. All sorts of candy. And it's all yours and you can take some and share it with Yellow Girl to apologize to her. It's your candy, all of it! You can eat as much as you like - just remember to burn some of those calories off in training."

Bodders (looking even more delighted): "Yes I will! Thank you!"

Sotsog turns to walk away, but stops and turns around.

Sotsog: "You are on a good road to recovery and as you see, I take good care of my patients. But you could do me one favour. As you continue your interview segments, would you remember to mention my book 'Wrestle your way to mental health!' and my soon to be published book '"Sanity first'. Recommend them, so that more people would buy them and get the help those books can offer. Could you do that?"

Bodders smiles and nods. Sotsog smiles back and walks out the door leaving Bodders alone in the room.

Last edited by The Silent Man on Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:06 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Just going for Leon's RP'ing guidelines. I know it was just a request, but this style has some clarity-advantage, I admit. So I'm changing the way of RP'ing to this.)
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James Young
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: New plans (Open to Bodders)   Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:21 pm

Bodders watched Dr Sotsog leave the room with a smile on his face. His first title match! He somewhat knew seeing a doctor would be good for him, but not this good! Bodders thought about how he could help Dr Sotsog even more, his books would be one thing, but getting more patients would be another! Maybe, Aquilus needed help? Why not help him!
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New plans (Open to Bodders)
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