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 After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)

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Tyler Ford
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Number of posts : 341
Age : 38
Location : Clover, South Carolina, USA
Registration date : 2008-09-06

PostSubject: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:06 am

(Lights Out by POD begins to blare over the arena speakers as Tyler Ford makes his way to the ring. He is wearing his usual wrestling gear and his new shirt with Once its over on the front of it and on the back it's Lights Out!!! He is also wearing a protective face cover and his nose is bandaged up. He gingerly gets in the ring still feeling the effects of the beatdown at the hands of Timelord, Choirboy, and Ace Douglas. He grabs a mic from the announcer.)

Tyler:"You know I was always taught to do the right thing. To stand up for what was right. But is obvious that some of the people in the back don't think this same way. How else would you explain me getting a broken nose after I had come out to stop the beating of Killa Ray. But it happened because two Revolution jerks decided to hit me with a book and chair after some big ogre named Ace hit me from behind. I guess the Revolution is trying to add to their numbers after they had some departures recently. Well that is fine because I am going to put an end to it. At least an end to the three fools who attacked me. First I am going to start with the main two in Timelord and Choirboy.

I mean I understand Choirboy and why he did it. I mean me and him have already fought and he knows that he could not beat me face to face. Hell suprised he even got in the ring with me even though I was down after the beating I gave him in our match.

And I guess I understand Timelord motives too because he is protecting his precious title because I know he is scared. He knows that I want that title and he knows that I will beat him for that title as soon as I get my shot. And trust me I will get my shot at the title.

Now as far as the ogre name Ace. I do not know his motives or care because he will get his. Not by me mind you because he is a small fish and I will find someone to take care of my light work.

Now back to Choirboy and Timelord. I know you both are wondering how I am going to take care of the both of you since the numbers are in you favor. Well let me introduce my solution to that problem.

Tyler motions with the mic to the entrance way and

ooc stopping there for Killa Ray
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Killa Ray
Mid Carder
Mid Carder

Number of posts : 30
Registration date : 2008-09-07

PostSubject: Re: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:26 pm

[The arena darkens as the sound of machine guns can be heard echoing through the arena causing the Crowd to errupt in nervous boos and cheers..]

[Limping slightly, Killa Ray appears on stage wearing a white beater, some blue jeans and some white addidas. Walking slowly, Killa Ray makes his way down the ramp, judging the mixed reaction he's receiving from the crowd. Climbing the steps, Killa Ray grabs the mic from Tyler and begins to speak...]

Killa Ray- Well, I have to say this is pretty interesting...Timelord...I thought we could fight fairly...When I joined this fed...I left my dirty tactics in the street but now, I see you really want to know why they call me Killa Ray!

[Killa Ray Paces back and forth, lightly tapping his chin, pausing suddenly, he begins to speak once more...]

Killa Ray- But I think Tyler would agree, you forced us in to a unique predicament. Once again, I find myself on the same team with Tyler, this time...we both got our own beefs...Church boy! and Time...You should be warned...well, its already to late, you guys should have learned by down...Don't Cross Da Boss!

[Killa Ray Pauses as the crowd errupts into cheers...Killa Ray glances at Tyler whos crosses his arms and gives a slight smirk of approval before continuing to speak...]

Killa Ray- Tyler...I've come to the conclusion that its unwise for me and you to beef. Yeah, we've had our differences but when you look at our track record...wealways end up on the same side of the fence which tells me...you have Boss Potential! And for the most part, you're pretty straight forward and I can respect that...

Killa Ray- But one last thing...I just realized, i forgot someone...This little nobody named Ace! First off, who the heck are you? It doesn't matter anyway because like my boy Tyler said...You're light weight and we have people to deal with our Light Weight. Time and CB...watch yall back, because yall just awoken some sleeping giants!

[Killa Ray drops the mic as his theme music begins to blare through the arena once more...]
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PostSubject: Re: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:20 pm

Suddenly Timelord appears on the stage laughing and shouting cut that excuse of whats classed music of now,i demand it....

Fans start jeering as tyler and killa stop what they are doing to listen....

Now i have come out here to say sorry,(smirks) sorry i didn't end your pathetic careers....

Tyler taking offence tries to leave the ring but Killa holds him back....

WOAH there tiger i think you should have learned by now i never travel alone,take one more step and i will have rev out here quicker than a hic cup....

Fans start chanting cowards,cowards.........

Time taking offence to that says ok if that's what all you fans think then i will act like one Choirboy come out here...

While we wait for god's unholy child i wish to address something that i'm not too sure whether you two idiots are aware of but the clause in my contract at Breakdown stated that since i was cheated out of the title once before,that if i defeated Killa to become champ.Then i had management's blessing to name not 1 but 2 contenders either in two seperate defences or i could name them to fight each other with the winner getting a shot at this.......

Timelord proudly holds the gold belt above his head....just as Choirboy arrives......
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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

Number of posts : 128
Age : 45
Location : Toronto, Canada
Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: Re: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:23 pm

**Choirboy comes down the aisle polishing his golden book of psalms. He stands next to his partner Timelord, and quickly eyes his belt, before staring down both Ray & Tyler.**

Choirboy - Doc, why are we wasting our time with these pathetic excuses for grapplers?
Mr. 'I am from the streets, cat!' Killa Ray and Tyler 'I really can't af' Ford. Pathetic. The only true waste about beating down you both was the fact that I had to get my book's cover straightened out.

**Choirboy sneers as he points at Tyler.**

Choirboy - And you're still a piece of garbage. I would slap you right now in the face, but crap splatters, and I'd rather not stink up my attire with you on it again.

**Choirboy looks at the belt again as Timelord senses it, and holds it to his side.**

Choirboy - And you both think teaming up is going to save you the beating we gave you last time? You see, Doc and I, well, we've been tag champions all over the world. We have the experience working together. You two? You'll be too busy focusing on how to tag in to do anything.

**Choirboy slaps Timelord on the back and starts laughing at Ray & Tyler again.**
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Tyler Ford
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Number of posts : 341
Age : 38
Location : Clover, South Carolina, USA
Registration date : 2008-09-06

PostSubject: Re: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:33 am

Tyler pulls the mic back up to his mouth.

Tyler:"You know Choirboy you want to talk alot of smack but it seems if my memory serves me correctly, the last time me and you were in the ring you lost. Actually lets get it right, you got your lights put out. So why do you think anything will change this time.

As for you Timelord, you see I keep up with things like what your title win meant. I heard from some of the higher ups that you would be able to pick your first two opponents or have then face each other. So you can bet that I am biding my time because I know how you work. I know it is going to go down something like this. You will either pick two chumps that you know you can beat probably one of them will be that idiot Ace. That was probably your agreement with the dumb ogre to have him hit me from behind. Or if you get some balls then you will pick two that can beat you but you will have them fight each other so they can beat the hell out of each other so you can pick up an easy win. But trust me that soon you will have to fight me and when you do you will lose your precious title.

And then the UNWA fans can be happy that they will have a fighting champion and not someone who hides behind clauses in contracts."

With that Tyler drops his mic and motions for Timelord and Choirboy to get in the ring and fight.
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PostSubject: Re: After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)   

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After the beatdown...(open to Killa Ray, Timelord, Choirboy and Ace)
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