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 The early end of a Tag Team?

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PostSubject: The early end of a Tag Team?   Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:53 pm

(OOC: Actually it was planned for Sunday but apparently it was overlooked, so I copied all parts together and hope that it'll appear on Thursday.
Oh, and could you please fill in the commentator's name?)

Alex Awesome's music starts to play and Alex Awesome enters the stage, running to the ring in a dynamic way and after doing the Breakdance-Move "The Worm" he finally grabs his microphone.

Alex: Yo.
I'm sure you know what happened last season. After I defeated Chris Cryptic, we decided to team up and get that belt. But the season break was long and I had enough time to think about that.
And.. now I think it's doubtful if we really should build a tag team. I haven't decided yet but I think I'll confine myself to fighting alone.
So... Is anyone tough enough to take me on?

Timelord appears on the stage area and slowly walks to the ring so he can soak in the boos
Timelord: Well, I believe that any member of Revolution is tough enough to take you or anyone for that matter.
How you like my belt,go on take a close look as it's as close as you will come to touching it ha ha.
Now tell me Alex,hmm who are you anyway,never mind whats your problem.
Maybe i have the solution for you,you never know.

Alex Awesome opens his mouth to say something, but he gets interrupted by the entrance music of Chris Cryptic.
Chris runs towards the ring with a chair and slides elegantly into the ring.
Alex looks very confused when Chris Cryptic comes closer and closer to him.

Commentator: What is he doing!? He will hit Alex Awesome!

Suddenly Chris Cryptic steps back and hits the forehead of Timelord powerfully.

Commentator: Oh my God!!!

Timelord falls senslessly on the ground. Chris throws the chair violently on the mat, graps the mic, which is laying on the ground and streches out his right hand for handshaking with Alex.

Chris:(starrs at Timelord and shouts:) Nobody takes on with my Tag partner!
(looking at Alex) Are you finally in?

Commentator: It seems like that Chris wants to make the tag team official.

Alex looks a little bit thoughtfully.

Alex: Hey, that was a pretty cool performance,... partner.

Alex smiles and accepts the handshake.

Alex: Hey, people, I've something to announce: We are the next Tag team Champions!
I promise you, together we are unstoppable!

Choirboy runs in through the booing crowd as they try to slow him down as he nears Timelord. He quickly checks on his partner before staring down Chris. He helps up Timelord and continues to stare down Chris and Alex. He starts shouting at Cryptic.

Choirboy: You just wait til I can get my hands on you, you piece of filth. I'll make you tap out, believe it!

Choirboy then looks at Alex and sneers.

Choirboy: Teaming up with Cryptic will be your last mistake, worm....

Alex smiles calmly.
Alex: Oh really? We'll prove you that you are completely mistaken. Your last mistake will be messing with us.
I feel like bashing somebody's brain in... So come on... if you are brave enough... but I doubt that...

Alex puts his hands in the air, enjoying the imaginary cheering of the crowd

Timelord although still groggy and bleeding looks at the discarded chair and lifts it connecting with Chris on his back,Alex moves quickly and aids his stunned partner out of the ring....
Choirboy holds Time up and keeps alert until Alex takes Chris to the backstage area....
Medics come rushing down to aid Timelord up the rampway as Choirboy keeps guard just in case.......
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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Re: The early end of a Tag Team?   Mon Nov 03, 2008 9:47 pm

thanks alex, this will be used for Thursday show
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The early end of a Tag Team?
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