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 Rules for RP-ing in the UNWA

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Leon Heart
Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Rules for RP-ing in the UNWA   Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:12 pm

Hi All,

Here you find all rules for RP-ing in the UNWA. If you are unsure or concerned about any of these rules this is the place to discuss it.

1. Think about where the RP is heading.
This means you should think about the storyline and how to create it. Don't post some two-line RP (like "I come to ring, I beat wrestler X up and go again"). That doesn't mean you should create many complete pages of text, but it is usual that you would use at least 5-10 lines of text in a good RP posting. There can be exceptions (For example, if your wrestler only has to respond to something with a short "See you in the ring", etc.)
And try to be creative. Something creative is always better then a boring "i will beat you"...

2. Open and closed RP.
When you make an RP please announce at the start of the topic if you wish to 'open' your rp up to other wrestlers, or if you only wish for specific wrestlers to respond then please state this up front. You can also have a 'closed' RP, if you state your RP is closed then no other wrestler is permitted to respond to your RP.

3. Check your spelling.
Before posting, please check your spelling. No one cares about little typos or if your character has a speech problem, that can be a cool gimmick, but posting an absolutly unreadable RP will mean it will not be used on the show. So please, take yourself some time when you post an RP and check it afterwards. The UNWA brings in many people from different countries and some have a better grasp of the English language then others, if you have any problems please ask.

4. Don't post for other characters or powerpose.
If you make a RP, don't use others persons wrestlers. In Theory-Speech we call that "powerposing". Sure, wrestling is all about beating people up and punching them backstage, and you can do that, but try to avoid writing as another character. This will destroy the other guys work (if he makes a strong guy and you simply pop up and beat him to a bloody pulp, for example). You wouldn't want your character to be shown as a coward and weakling so do not do it to others!

There may be exceptions to this rule. If you know your RP-Partner very well, it may be ok to have him say some small lines in your RP or if you are good friends.
And as said above surely you can give some backstage-beating to someone else, just try to avoid powerphrases like "i knock XY out" and say something like "I try to knock XY out", because this gives him the option to react

with special thanks to Kaluani.


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Rules for RP-ing in the UNWA
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