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 Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)

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Chris Cryptic

Number of posts : 9
Registration date : 2008-10-02

PostSubject: Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:19 pm

Chris Cryptic's entrance starts to play and he enters the ring with a sadly face.
It takes some time until he stands in the middle of the ring with a mic because of his sowliness.

Chris: Fans of the UNWA, I have bad message for you....


Chris: Some days ago, my Tag partner Alex Awesome called me in the middle of the night and told me that he had been attacked of a member of the UNWA...

A part of the crowed cheers.

Chris:I immediatly visited him, and I realized that he was and is in a bad situation. Unfortunatly, he couldn't remember who the wrestler was. Now he has to cure some month. We lost an awesome superstar.


I swear revenge. The wrestler will regret his awful attack.


Chris Cryptic walks nervously in the ring waiting for his rivral.

(OOC: Please someone who is in the area of my level.
My history is fictive Wink)
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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

Number of posts : 128
Age : 45
Location : Toronto, Canada
Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: Re: Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)   Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:45 pm

**The fans start booing as Choirboy heads to the ring. Chris Cryptic glares at him, and get into a fighting pose. Choirboy walks around the ring, grabs a microphone, and slowly walks to the steps and enters the ring. He waves his hand at Cryptic.**

Choirboy - Slow down there chump, no need to get your trunks all twisted...

**The fans start loudly booing until some fans start chanting 'YOU TAPPED OUT', much to Choirboy's annoyance. He glares at the crowd.**

Choirboy - Wow, who would have thought inbreeding was rampant all around the world?

**The crowd continue to chant and boo Choirboy as Chris Cryptic paces with his hands up, ready to get a fight started.**

Choirboy - I understand Alex Awful is no longer around. What a shame. Would have loved to have gotten his blood on my hands.

**Chris Cryptic turns red and takes a swing at Choirboy, and Choirboy eats a knuckle sandwich, spitting out blood in the process. The crowd goes into a frenzy, cheering Chris on.**

Choirboy - *spits out more blood* Nice shot there chump. Attacking an injured and defenseless wrestler. What part of would have did not you not understand? I hadn't run that pathetic excuse for a jobber out of here, but now I wish I had. I just came out here to tell you that if you wanted a challenge for the next show, you got it.

**Chris Cryptic looks shocked, but still looking like he's ready to knock Choriboy's head clean off. The crowd cheers for Cryptic, wanting to see Choirboy put down yet again.**

Choirboy - You see, I had Tyler Ford all wrong. He's a good solid fighter. And as God as my witness, he made me submit. In the middle of this very ring. He made me tap out to an ultimate armbar. And that got me thinking after all was said and done. Where did I go wrong? Where were my fellow Rev members? I didn't see anyone backstage checking up on Choirboy. Oh no.....because everyone is all focused on the Doc. Always the Doc. And that brings me to you Chris. You make an open challenge to face the guy that beat Alex out of the UNWA. Well, I got to tell you, I highly doubt he's going to make his presence known. Some men are just cowards through and through....

**The crowd continues to boo Choirboy and cheer for Chris Cryptic.**

Choirboy - But, enough about that. I'm just looking to work some of my frustrations out, and you're looking to gain some sort of revenge. So, I say, let's have our fight and solve both our problems at the same time. What do you say?

**Choirboy extends his hand to Chris and waits for him to reply.**
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Chris Cryptic

Number of posts : 9
Registration date : 2008-10-02

PostSubject: Re: Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)   Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:21 pm

Chris Cryptic accepts the challange immediatly by handshaking. Then leaves the ring slowly starring at Choirboy the whole time. At the way to the backstage area he andumbrate him a heavy fight.

Chris: Maybe you'll meet Alex in the hospital...

Fianally he enters the backstage area
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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

Number of posts : 128
Age : 45
Location : Toronto, Canada
Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: Re: Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)   Tue Nov 18, 2008 9:08 pm

**Choirboy stands in the middle of the ring and watches Cryptic walk away. The crowd continues to boo and heckle him, and he slowly turns and walks around the ring, watching how everyone looks at him with hatred in their eyes. He hears a whizzing sound as a beer cup smacks him in the head, and explodes in an amber burst. He sees the man in stands pointing and laughing with his friends. Choirboy's face turns red with anger, as he cracks his knuckles, and leaves the ring, slowly walking towards the man.
The fans around the man stop making noise and their eyes start to widen as Choirboy steps over the guard rail and walks to where the man is. Suddenly, the man and his friends aren't laughing anymore, as Choirboy stands there, beer dripping down his outfit.**

Choirboy - Not laughing now, are you jackass?

**The man's friends slowly distance themselves from their friend who sits there dumbfounded as Choirboy continues to stare at him, almost through him, with his arms crossed, fingers constantly moving on his biceps.**

Man - I, er, man, er, me and my buddies were....

**Choirboy pounds his hand on the man's arm rest, making him and his quiet friends jump out of their seats.**

Choirboy - ....Just having fun? Is that what this is all about? Just having fun? A few chuckles at the expense of Choirboy?

**Just then, Choirboy takes a swing at the fan, but stops his fist about one inch from the man's face. Suddenly, the man's friends burst into laughter as the fear takes ahold of him, and a wet spot slowly develops in his pants. Choirboy sniffs the air, notices the stench, looks down, then looks at the man again, this time with a huge smile on his face.**

Choirboy - Tell you what. You lay off the throwing of beers at real athletes, and I'll get you an appointment with someone who can help you with that weak bladder of yours. Fair enough?

**The man's face is beet red, and his eyes do not look up at Choirboy anymore, just down to the ground in embarrassment. Choirboy shakes his head, and walks away from the fan as the crowd suddenly goes 50/50, booing and cheering him. Choirboy stops once more and quickly looks to the man, who still hasn't looked up, and then leaves the ring.**
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PostSubject: Re: Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)   

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Chris Cryptic's revenge (open to all)
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