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 News (closed)

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The Silent Man
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PostSubject: News (closed)   Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:52 pm

(OOC: It just had to be Channel 9... Smile )

The woman who took The Silent Man away from the arena after last shows match between The Silent Man and Yellow Girl is sitting on a chair watching news on the television. The Silent Man is standing behind her, also looking at the screen.

The camera shows footage from outside Dr. Sotsog's clinic. A female reporter is standing in front of the building.

Reporter: "A truly tragic and extremely bizarre story involving the international wrestling federation UNWA and one of it's wrestlers has unfolded during the last couple of days."

The reporter points at the building behind her.

Reporter: "This is the clinic of the enigmatic Dr. Sotsog, author of the controversial book Wrestle Your Way To Mental Health! This is also the place where he trained the young wrestler, known as The Silent Man, using inhumane training methods."

Reporter: "These training methods combined the use of psychological manipulation, physical violence, electric shocks and use of several drugs. The drugs were all labelled MKULTRA following a number code. The acronym MKULTRA is a vital key to Dr. Sotsog's past."

The screen shows footage of congress hearings in the USA from 1970's. The reporter speaks over the silent footage.

Reporter: "MKULTRA was the code name for a CIA mind-control research program using the same methods as Dr. Sotsog in his training. The project became public knowledge in 1975, but relatively little information about the program has been obtained due to the fact that then CIA-director Richard Helms had ordered all the MKULTRA-files to be destoyed two years earlier."

Reporter: "What is known, is that the project was active during the 1950's and 1960's, though it is possible the program was never closed. Apparently one of the goals of the program was to create a 'Manchurian candidate' - a person that can be fully controlled.

Reporter: "One famous test subject of the MKULTRA-project is Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, who participated in the project without knowing it himself, during his time as a student in Harvard University."

Reporter: "It is known also that there has been a person, referred to with the cryptonym KUSOTSOG, working inside the CIA from the mid 1980's to late 1990's. This coincides with the fact that there is nearly no records of a Dr. Sotsog prior to the year 2001."

Reporter: "The current whereabouts of Dr. Sotsog are unknown and he is wanted for several crimes including kidnapping and torture."

Reporter: "Rumours about the funding of Dr. Sotsog's clinic reach the top of the wrestling federation UNWA as Richard Anthony is believed to have been co-operating with Dr. Sotsog. There is, however, no proof of this as all moneytrails lead to fictitious companies throughout Europe. There is also no way of knowing how much Mr. Anthony knew about Dr. Sotsog's actions."

Reporter: "But thanks to the heroic efforts of three people, wrestlers known to the public as Yellow Girl and El Lobo and a former UNWA-janitor, Algernon Williams, the torturing of Michael Bent, also known as The Silent Man, and many others has come to an end. Michael Bent is currently receiving proper treatment and lives with her sister, Melissa Seymour."

Reporter: "But this story took one more victim as Algernon Williams was found dead yesterday near his apartment in London. Only future will tell, if he is the final casualty of this amazing story. This is Brenda Gibbs and Channel 9 news."

The television is shut. The Silent Man, or Michael Bent, puts his hand on his sisters shoulder. Melissa Seymour sighs.

Melissa: "Mikey, someone is going to pay."
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News (closed)
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