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 Cartographer will prevail! (open to choirboy)

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el cartographer
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Cartographer will prevail! (open to choirboy)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:51 pm

El cartographer's music blasts through the arena. Mixed boos and cheers go throughout the audience. El cartographer goes down to the ring while throwing maps at the audience. The camera captures a glimpse of a map saying "Ad space." on it. El cartographer enters the arena. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, he pulls out his signature flag and plops it down onto the arena, where it falls over. El cartographer whips out a microphone.

El cartographer: "You might not know me, but you should, since I'm the el-car-tah-

Several moments later, pyro shoots out from the turnbuckles. El cartographer looks annoyed.

El Cartographer: " I said, the el-car-tah-gah-rah-fer!"

Right on time, pyro shoots out from the ring turnbuckles.

El cartographer: "Anyways, I am the coolest of the cool,the founder of lands, the sort-of-foreign-person, El cartographer!"

A loud snore is heard. El cartographer throws a brick (from out of nowhere, yet again) at the audience.

El cartographer: "I am, so far in the UNWA, undefeated at 2-0!"

The audience's cheers drown out the boos. El cartographer waits for the cheering to die down, then for the booing to die down.

El cartographer: "I plan on facing a man by the name of Choirboy, and let me tell you... People say he's tough, but I, el cartographer will prevail!"

El cartographers raises the arm with the microphone, with mixed boos and cheers from the audience. He lowers his arms and shudders the slightest bit before continuing.

El cartographer: "Besides, maybe a week or two ago, I had to face both a person and his jibblets... Ugh."

El cartographer starts shuddering so much it looks like he's doing a dance.

El cartographer: "I'm el cartographer! I will prevail! And... I most definitely do not, in any sort of way, make cartoons."

Groans, laughes, groans in dissapointment, cheers and boos are heard throughout the crowd.

El cartographer: "But man, do you know how much they make? Just for drawing! They get payed too much!... Hmmmmm, maybe I should..."

A pencil flies through the air, hitting el cartographer in the leg.

El cartographer: "My leg! My leg!"

El cartographer takes the pencil and throws it back at the audience.

El cartographer: "I should probably go now."

El cartographer starts to hobble off out of the ring.
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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Re: Cartographer will prevail! (open to choirboy)   Sun Dec 21, 2008 2:03 am

As he starts to head up the ramp, a young man appears under the Titantron. The crowd also cheers and boos him as Choirboy smiles at El Cartographer. He cracks his knuckles as Cartographer backs up into the ring. Choirboy stops to pick up the microphone and then coldly stares at El Cartographer.

CB - 'Slow down there Mr. Undefeated. I think someone has given you some misinformation. You see, I have a little bit of revenge making on my plate right now, and the way I see it, I don't have time for 'flavors of the week' to come into the UNWA ring and breathe my air.'

The crowd boos Choirboy continues to speak.

CB - 'Number two El Cartographer, no one, and I mean NO ONE, cold calls me into a match. Especially not a flash in the pan like you are. So, I have a little tip for you. If you want to have a challenge, where you're not going to get your ass handed to you in less than 10 mins, I would suggest someone who seems to be as likable and, dare I say, idiotic, as you are...................................Baba Ganoush.'

The fans go nuts at the mention of Baba's name, which makes Choirboy laugh.

CB - ' I can understand your drive Cart, can I call you Cart? You want to be the best. You want to show the world how great you are, and that it's only a matter of time until the belt is yours. I've heard it all before Cart, and I will hear it again. But, I can tell you in all honesty, you don't want me as your next challenger. I will not stop until you're broken. I will not let you out of Penance until I have torn your kneecaps out. And the sad thing is, I won't be thinking of the match at all. I have more important things to consider.'

Choirboy tosses the microphone at him, and turns to walk to the back.

(OOC - Done, unless you want to add anything)
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Cartographer will prevail! (open to choirboy)
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