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 The Jason Davis Collection

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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

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PostSubject: The Jason Davis Collection   Wed Dec 24, 2008 5:06 pm

The commercial will pop like the beginning of a MTV reality show. There will be pictures of several people, all of them looking earily similar to a current UNWA star, Devastator X. The first picture will be of a unpainted, well recognizable personality, Jason Davis, former NFL superstar. The second picture will be of a 7' tall, red skull masked, sunglass wearing, luchador. The still shot will simply be posed standing on the top turnbuckle, hand raised high in the air, with the name El Bad-Guy-O written underneath. The third picture will be a neon green face painted, black haired, spandex wearing super heroic figure, posed exactly like the previous luchador, the name Jasonic written underneath the still photo. The fourth picture will be of Jason Davis, but his clothes will be different, a sports jersey will be worn in this photo, black in color with neon green writing stating on the UNWA, the back will have the same neon green writing stating: Sex Freak 2000 JD. The writing of the name under this picture will reflect the name on the back Sex Freak 2000 JD. Then the screen will go black and flow with blood, a flashing image of a black and red D-X will eventually conquer the blood. The screen will then turn to a montage of several of Devastator X's most devastating manuevers. After the video montage the screen will then pimp a chance to purchase...

The Many Faces Of Jason DVD: Rise of Devastator X.

There will be a second commercial following the first, it will begin with several kids playing with the characters featured in the previous commercial:

Timmy: Jason Davis is gonna hit EL Bad-Guy-O with his patented Victory Kick!

Jake: But No! El Bad-Guy-O dodges and comes back with the Bad Guy Driver!

Russell: Making a surprise entrace is Jasonic, hero of metal! He's gonna blast El Bad-Guy-O with a move from the top rope....The Hero Splash!

Cody: Ha-Ha! From under the ring slides The Freak (dumbed down for the kiddies). He's gonna catch Jasonic with the Coma Bomb. He's gonna win!

(A father will dive down between the kids with another action figure in his hand.)

Dad: Look who I just ordered off the UNWA website...Devastator X! The Ultra Rare Chase Figure who can only be redeemed at the website with the proof of purchases from the entire Many Faces Of Jason Action Figure line. He's gonna pummel The Freak with The Genocide Kick, and win the match!

(A bell will ring and everyone will rejoice, until a door can be heard breaking, and the father will be clotheslined by the real Devastator X. The kids will cry, and the man beast will rejoice as he stomps the kids toys to pieces. Then the commercial will fade to black).

The final commercial will air, a simple pimping of the Crucified for Darkness, Devastator X T-Shirt. The Many Faces of Jason t-shirt, and the final T-shirt pimped will be, El Bad-Guy-O - I did it for the Tacos, t-shirt.
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Damien Darkness
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: The Jason Davis Collection   Thu Dec 25, 2008 1:40 am

Sick and twisted...I like it! Twisted Evil
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The Jason Davis Collection
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