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 Self Made Leagues

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PostSubject: Self Made Leagues   Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:49 pm

Self Made Leagues are a good idea, kudos to the creators.

Is it a method for them to harvest more tournament buys from players? You betcha.

But at the same time I see it as a positive for players, another angle for them to explore to build their wrestler or just have some fun.

The downside is it costs alot of tps to join some leagues and you may get no fe reward for them unless you finish in the top 4. Sounds like gambling doesn't it?

Overall, this I've so far figured out:

It costs 5 tp to make a self-made league, a flat fee. You must be a supporter. And you, as league admin choose the max number of contestants (4-50), max level of the contestants and the match type (one fall or one of the matches you have).

After your league is full the admin is given 7500 fe and he can then run the rounds of his league as fast or slow as he likes (all right away or take days..admins choice).

An admin can join his own league but he must join it like everyone else, including paying the entry tp price.

To join a self-made league you do not have to be a supporter. But you must be equal to or lower to the level set by the admin. You must also have the appropriate league match as one of your own. And the price to join is half the max number of contestants divided by 2 in tps. So, for example, 20 max contestants = 10 tps to join.

1st = 1000 fe x max contestants
2nd = 40% of first prize
3rd = 20% of first prize
4th = 20% of first prize

Note: WARNING. I've noticed some league's prizes are less than this, some MUCH less. Watch out for this! Why this is so I do not know, does anyone else know?

Overall this looks like gambling with tps. But if you come out on top it could reap a large reward in fe. If you set up a league you gain the 7500 fe bonus as admin, which is equal to trading 5 tps for 7500 fe for your services. Not bad, thats roughly equal to you giving up 6 tps to join a 6 tp tournament and you win at least one match.

The big advantage self-made leagues have over tournaments is that you are not eliminated. So you will always fight all the matches and that means you could harvest a decent amount of xp for your troubles.

Did I miss anything or goof up? Post a reply!


If you are the league admin you get paid the 7500fe after all matches are run and you close the league.
Also after you close the league all the participants are auto-mailed a message that the league closed and gives a link where you can view the league matches.

Last edited by vonryan on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:33 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : updates)
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Ogre McJoker
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Curtain Jerker

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PostSubject: Re: Self Made Leagues   Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:15 am

great explanation. i got in a league for 4xp and won second. picked up 3200 fe. not a bad deal.
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El Lobo
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PostSubject: Re: Self Made Leagues   Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:58 pm

Does anyone have a UNWA League???
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PostSubject: Re: Self Made Leagues   

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Self Made Leagues
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