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 New Fed System

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Leon Heart

Number of posts : 1669
Age : 39
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: New Fed System   Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:02 am

After much debate and a lot of anger and confusion in the GM forum, please find a post that has been made wiithin the GM area, I dont know if this is being made public, but I feel it is not just a GM's federation it is everyones so here it is.

I dont know what to make of it yet, other than I am not happy. i will try to digest it and see what happens next.

OK I just had a nice chat with the other admins and since I speak so elloquently I will be saying how this system works now. If you dont like how the system works there is nothing that I can do or tullo can do as this is how it is. some have been complaining about how great it was before... if it was so great then why were most gms complaining about things. there always will be complaints but this is the fairest way to figure on making it fair for everyone.

Now for that Double Xp for feds thing..... if you notice in your entrance tab that saying is now gone. Too many people were harassing the supervisors and admins about it and riding their butts about it by saying how stupid the admins were and such, so its different now. This will be explained later as its not complete yet. When it is I will explain how it works.

For player xp in matches. They start off at their base xp. and as the match goes on they will be awarded xp and penalized xp depending on how they do as an individual in the match. If the Gm places them against a much weaker opponent with fewer fans then the player is penalized from the get go. They have a high chance of losing fans as a result. (so this can be used if a player doesnt rp and wont leave the fed as a punishment for them). If they win they can take a small increase or a small loss on xp and/or fans depending on their actions in the match. If they actually lose then they will take a HUGE loss to both. If they gain 150 xp in the match but get countered or other things to lose xp then they can lose say 70 xp from the match up. this will leave their finished xp for the match at 80xp and not the 150 they have come to expect.

You lose xp bonuses for the match if you get

interupted (feint stat)
Knocked out of the arena
Get a finisher used against you
Miss a hit on regular move or finisher

you get the idea

You get a gain though if you are the one doing these things to the other player. Although the bonus isnt so high as the loss from what I gather.
You do however get a little more for damage done, for finishers, taunts, and trademarks that go off, so that balances a little bit the higher loss than gain from the list before.

as for popularity for the match for each match you can gain a bonus to your fed popularity depending on the stars gained in the match. This is from both players so if they both gain lots you gain lots. The max popularity to be gained per match from the stars is 11 right now. Also you gain pop by the voting. This is more discernable for Fed VS Fed. (<-- Spoiler for later).


Fans will increase faster the lower the fan base is for a player. so if they gain they gain say 40 fans (just an example not an exact factual number) at a lower fan level and a person with a thousand more fans gains fans for the same thing they will gain only 25. So the higher the fan base the slower it increases and decreases. Any questions place them in here and I will try to answer them.
So basically the gm needs to know how each wrestler teams up against another wrestler and try to make them evenly matched. Over doing it can cost you Popularity.

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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

Number of posts : 159
Age : 44
Location : Jasonic-Land aka Kannapolis NC
Registration date : 2008-11-03

PostSubject: Re: New Fed System   Sat Jan 24, 2009 4:53 am

So let me see if I get this right.

If we get into a RP with a lower ranked wrestler, we will probably lose XP if it comes to an actual match.

So if this is true I see a very quick resolution to the whole Vengeance/El Cart drama on my end. This is terdtastic.

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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

Number of posts : 53
Registration date : 2009-01-14

PostSubject: Re: New Fed System   Sat Jan 24, 2009 8:58 am

This seems so very unfair!

I'm the lowest level wrestler in the whole Federation.. So no-one will face me now.. Great... Evil or Very Mad
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Leon Heart

Number of posts : 1669
Age : 39
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: Re: New Fed System   Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:10 am

Myself and a number of other GM's are in opposition to the changes that have been made.

We run a fed for the great rp it brings, and to get an increase of fans is a nice bonus.

For me as a GM to have to pit the same type of wrestlers against each other week in week out, in an attempt to make sure the roster doesnt lose popularity and lose you guys fans, is not what I signed up for.

You should feel free to RP with who you want to, and as long as there is not a gulf of a difference between the two wrestlers, I as a GM should be able to book you into a match without the worry that it will have a negative effect on 'you' the wrestler and 'us' as a fed.

Rest assured we are trying out best to get the system changed.


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PostSubject: Re: New Fed System   

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New Fed System
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