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 Terror on the High Seas (Closed)

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Captain Parkes
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PostSubject: Terror on the High Seas (Closed)   Sat Jan 24, 2009 12:31 pm

(OOC: Sorry if this seems a bit dis-jointed but I need to fit in a couple of hours worth of scene in this week. Again feel free to add anything from the commentary team you think fits and this is also okay to be used on Sunday if Friday becomes too full with other work)

Looking out on the open sea from the top of a high cliff we see numerous ships scattered across a wide stretch of ocean. All blazing away with massive plumes of smoke billowing above them.

We zoom in closely on one of the nearest ships and catch a glimpse of a pirate flag hanging limpy from the stern and starting to smoulder with the heat from the nearby flames.

A rumble like thunder erupts and the camera zooms out again and pans across to see the reason of the noise. Two large fleets of ships closing in on each other. The lead ship from each squadron have begun to exchange cannon fire and soon both fleets are locked in a deadly battle.


We now find ourselves on board one of the ships engauged in the battle and find Captain John Turner directing several members of the crew, "Make sure you aim true boys. There's to be no mercy for these traitors."

Ducking down quickly and narrowly avioding a flying shard of timber John makes his way forward yelling encouragement to the crew as he goes.

A sudden loud explosion causes everyone to drop down to the deck. Slowly picking themselves up the crew look across at the enemy ship they were exchanging fire with. Only to see that in it's place is nothing but a smoking hulk and large fragments of timber and sail cloth are raining down into the sea around the wreck. Only the stern intact proudly displaying the British flag.

Panning across the battle scene several of the British warships are seen moving away from the battle only to be overhauled by the faster Pirate ships quickly boarded and their colours hauled down and crew thrown to the mercy of the gathering sharks.


Later in the evening John tiredly slumps down into his chair behind the table in his cabin. Noticing a plain yellowish envelope on the table he leans forward and flicks the letter out and begins to read;

'Congratulations on your fine, hard fought victory today Captain. I knew you were the right choice for my successor from the moment we met all those years ago back in the army. I knew you had the potential to do great things and be a true leader of men.'

'I know the last few weeks have been hard on everyone with my departure, however rest assured I'll never be far from you.'

'Send my love to Candice and tell her I'll be by her side as soon as possible.'

'Regards, Captain William Parkes'
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Terror on the High Seas (Closed)
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