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 The Champ responds (open to Devastator X/Darkness)

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Title Challenger
Title Challenger

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PostSubject: The Champ responds (open to Devastator X/Darkness)   Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:20 pm

**An unseen announcer's voice comes over the PA system.**

Announcer - 'A special announcement from Choirboy.'

**The crowd looks up to the Titantron as the image of a silver cross appears on the screen. Softly, in the background, they can hear Choirboy's theme music softly and slowly starting up. The image of the cross starts to shrink as the camera backs away to show Choirboy standing with his back turned to the camera. Part of the crowd cheers 'Penance' and part of the crowd boos Choirboy.**

Choirboy - 'Well Devastator X. Here we are. 2 men after the same thing. The belt that is currently around my waist. Well, it may be fun and games to you with that disgusting racist promo you cut before, but to me it's all business. Matter of fact, I don't really care for the belt to begin with, I'm more interested in messing you up. I will make you bleed, and I will make you feel pain you never thought was possible. And I will break your damn leg, and then the other one. And while the rest of your mindless friends run like chickens with their heads cut off, I will stand back and smile. Because, it will be a mission accomplished, and one less moron writing checks his body and skills cannot cash.'

**Choirboy turns his face to the side, to show he is smiling.**

Choirboy - 'Penance is coming for you Devastator. Are you prepared for it?'
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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

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PostSubject: Re: The Champ responds (open to Devastator X/Darkness)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:25 am

Mariachi music will begin to blare as the Gigantictron flashes to life, showing highlights of the self proclaimed 77 time world champion, and 134 time world tag team champion, El Bad-Guy-O will run across the screen. Eventually after the mixed crowd reaction has died the highlight reel will die, and then the Gigantictron will show the upper body of the 'Luchador' in a real time public address in that TERRIBLE Mexican/Spanish accent.

"Hello-o all you great-o UNWA-o fans-o. It is I, El Bad-Guy-O, and in my 77 years-o of wrestling-o I have never seen-o such a greater-o opponent-o than, how you say, Devastator X-o. But as I am for to be saying, yes, Choirboy-o, you speak-o of el broken-o leggos. I have aquired-o some footage-o of your last run-in-o with Devastator X-o down in Cucamunga MEE-HE-COO."

Footage will air, taking the place of El Bad-Guy-O. It will be TERRIBLY doctored film footage of the now infamous Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding attack, where Nancy Kerrigan is sitting on her butt, holding her knee, screaming in pain and horror..."WHY ME!? WHY ME!?" Except now, there will be a South Parkish headshot of Choirboy super imposed over the head of Nancy Kerrigan, and doctored audio, taken TERRIBLY out of context, like Choirboy's voice was taken from two totally different conversations, neither of them screaming in pain. The footage will loop to appear that the actual incident took several minutes to transpire, not the seven seconds of real time occurence. It is a travesty to serious journalism, but TERRIBLY funny to El Bad-Guy-O, who is caught back on camera, laughing billingually in total clear English accent. The 134 time self proclaimed world tag team champion will snap back to his public address.

"El please-o Choirboy-o, spare-o your fans-o the terrible reoccurence like el footage from USWPANWACLA Mega Super Ultra Awesome-O Bash Of el Millenium-O. El mega hombre only sneezed-o on your knee-o, and ruined your El Ice Skater Of Fluffy Bunny persona-o in el MEE-HE-CO. The, how you say, el superstars-o abroad-o still-o want-o you to have a career-o."

The 'Mexican' super star will puff up his chest, and will give a thumbs up towards the camera.


The screen will then fade to black, only to give the order info for a split second for the new UNWA El Bad-Guy-O 'I did it for the Tacos' t-shirt.
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The Champ responds (open to Devastator X/Darkness)
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