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 Jess and James have a chat

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James Young
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

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Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-11

PostSubject: Jess and James have a chat   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:02 pm

James is seen pacing around his locker room, before he performs his new finisher, 'Young Shock' on a locker, causing it to the shock of most people get ripped off its hinges and bent, under the power of James' new finisher. Jess suddenly comes inside the locker room with a calm expression on her face even with the result of locker door on the floor.

Jess: "So, you finally perfected it then?"

James: "Nothing's ever perfect, I'm not going to stop improving my finishers. Even if the 'Young's Killing Blow' once knocked out Stray and gave him a concussion a few months ago, even if it almost devastated Yellow Girl, in around the same time,"

Jess: "You're right, anyway, I've got to tell about that guy that I like,"

James: "Oh? Who might this guy be?"

Jess: "Well for one, it's not Damien Darkness. I happen to know that he formed that stable for not only to create fear in UNWA, but he also uses them before they go to bed,"

James: "Okay, two thing about that. One, I already knew that Damien Darkness was gay and the fact that he pretty much has fun with them before he sleep EVERY single night. Two, I'm sure as hell glad that you do not like the 'Lord of the Gay Side'. I know for a fact, that father is extremely insulted that Damien calls himself the 'Lord of Darkness, when father is known throughout the world as 'The Prince of Darkness'.

Jess and James laugh to themselves at that one, no-one in UNWA could match their father in skill and talent.

Jess: "Well James, you better go, your match is up next, and I know that father wants you to win your match against Damien, and if you don't win, father will just beat the living hell out of Damien anyway,"

James: "That heartwarming, see ya after my match sis,"

James smiled brightly before he kiss his sister's forehead, and then left. Jess smiled, she knew how much James cared about her, and that her twin would never let anyone who hurt her, walk free. She knew that much was a fact.
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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

Number of posts : 159
Age : 44
Location : Jasonic-Land aka Kannapolis NC
Registration date : 2008-11-03

PostSubject: Re: Jess and James have a chat   Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:52 pm

A video clip will air, and after it has played a pretty familiar person will be seen sitting in a recliner reading a magazine. It is none other than 3 time Superbowl MVP, Jason Davis, or perhaps better stated his near identical personality of The Sex Freak 2000 JD. This is apparent by the black sports jersey he is wearing with the neon green Sex Freak 2000 JD lettering on it. The 7' tall former teen heart throb will snap to attention and get up from the recliner. He will turn to the camera and state....

"B, get focus man, my adoring groupies want to make sure you get this right."

The self appointed sexsymbol will wait for the camera to get perfectly trained upon him before continuing his address to the UNWA fanbase.

"Well hello UNWA, it's been a long time coming, I mean it's been a hard....I mean it's great to see all of you fine, sexy, babes, and your sweat hog lesser halves. As my pal GD said in that opening montage, all your fine hips shaking make me wanna speak some Espanol, but I'll leave all of that to those mask wearing La-Lucha-Geeks. I'm here tonight to address the Youngs, especially Jess and her half wit brother, Bodders...James....B-Jamesders...Bamders, the artist formerly known as B-Diddy. Oh and their father, King Wicked The Terd. I hear you hip cats slamming The Evilness and his pack-a-weirdos, The Stable Of Shock Therapy. I think once you go Demon, you never go back, and hypothetical greater divinity aside, God Bless em for it. So to the real point of my tirade, or introduction, Jess....Jess....Jess.....You got those make me wanna speak spanish kinda hips, and the fact you want to mix the DNA tree into a DNA stick, as Miss Racheal Ray would say...Yummo. I downloaded German porn safer than that. I dig it, a temptress who wants to make a baby by keeping it in the family.....Rawr, that'll ensure you a long career in the 'Industry'. With all of that said, I know you don't have real standards, or taste, but that's all fixable."

The Sex Freak will produce a DVD out of the chair he was just sitting in. He'll hold it up to the camera, revealing a box cover with a photoshopped addition. It is a altered porn movie DVD case, but with a new title 'Jess Loves The Entire UNWA Locker Room' and a photoshopped picture replacing some half nude girl with a current picture of Jess from the UNWA archives.

"With my new instructional DVD, Jess Loves Everyone, we can re-train you to want a train with people other than your own immediate bloodline. We can teach you that it's fun to love without the same blood. We can show you that it's not okay to swap the DNA with an immediate relative.You see here, at the Sex Freak Institute of Don't Bang Your Family, it's our goal to give you a healthy idea of your sexual identity. We want you to know it's okay to love everyone, one right after another. It's okay to let all the guys in the back love you as much as your father and brother have. I mean isn't the UNWA just one big family, and Grandpa JD, he just wants to love you like the rest of your family too. Because we here at the Sex Freak Institute want you to be healthy, happy, and loved, extremely loved."

The 7' tall deviant will smile as he puts the movie away, and will address the camera one final time.

"So Jess, I'll be seeing you around. Maybe I can get a private pole dance, if you know what I mean."

The screen will fade out as the beginning video starts again.

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James Young
Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer

Number of posts : 399
Age : 26
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-11

PostSubject: Re: Jess and James have a chat   Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:23 pm

James, Chase and Jessica Young were seen looking on from the TV, where Devastator X's video had just been playing. James and Chase looked at each other, before they both grabbed a steel chair and folded them up. James turned to Jess, who was in tears.

James: "Jess, it's okay, father and I are going to destroy Jason Davis' ass and aim to paralyze him, considering that you're only 17. But tell, some people who you DON'T like,"

Jess: "All of the Stable of Darkness, all of Revolution, El Lobo and Yellow Girl,"

James sighed for a moment, but no-one was sure if it was out of relief, or out of stress.

Chase: "Let's go,"

James nodded at his father as the two of them left the locker with Jess still crying her eyes out.
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PostSubject: Re: Jess and James have a chat   

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Jess and James have a chat
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