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 Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)

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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

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PostSubject: Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)   Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:14 pm

A camera will fire up, stationary it seems, probably on a tripod. The scene will be a lone directors chair, in a cold gray boiler room. The name on the back rest of the chair a very visible, Damien Darkness. A figure will walk around the camera and take a seat, none other than the man monster, Devastator X. He will look at the camera and address everyone watching.

"The Hand of Darkness must speak with all the followers of The Stable of Darkness, because at Sunday night's show I will have to detroy a potential future ally. Hemorrhage is a machine that uses his darkness as much as the light, and will be a very worthwhile challenge. This is the first match, since the Sun Goddess, that I will enjoy no matter the outcome. On Sunday, Hemorrhage, one of us will fall, I am going to do my best to ensure that you succumb to the night, not I......"

The signal will fade, and a pirated signal will begin to show across the screen. The pirate organization, SFTV, the visage that appears is none other than The Sex Freak, the alter ego of Devastator X. He is sitting at a control panel, perhaps one of the big UNWA mobile operation rigs. His usual attire replaced with a black t-shirt, with a simple neon green UNWA emblazened across the big bold gun barrel chest. The master manipulator will smile and speak, looking direslty into the camera, his hands resting on his knees.

"You'll all have to excuse Captain Kill, he's gone all El Loco Ultimo Battler-O, but i'll leave all that Espanol talk to those La Lucha Geeks. SFTV has the signal now, and boy do I have something to address, The Queen Patricia Griffin. You just had to run your yapper hole to the man monster, and buddy did that ever pay off for you. I mean a lose to The Overlord, Bad Blood, and then you beat up on little ol Z. My umbrage with all of this, the fact we all had to sit through Z's dumb new entrance music. Once again, your actions have cost countless members of the UNWA fan base prcious minutes of our lives that we can never reclaim...POOF, just gone, like your MMA career. I intercepted a memo from Patricia, in regards to Devastator X's action during his match with Bad Blood. Rather than read it myself, I have enlisted the most renowned voice actor to properly portray the part of The Princess Patty G."

***A button will be pressed on the sound board, and a blaring baby crying and whining will be heard by all with the sound up on their TV. The crying will last several seconds, before The Sex Freak finally turns off the noise.****

"Well folks, I think he said it best, you do indeed suck Patricia, suck very hard, and very long. Is there a lesson to be learned from all of this,no, not really. There is a little thing we here at SFTV do have to gain from all of this, profit...I mean charity work. You see we are starting up a drive, for donations, to buy The Dutchess P Griffy a real man sack. It's an expensive process, since a gal like Patricia will need three or four gigantic man sacks to equal one small man sack, since he is from MMA. So send in your donations, and maybe we can prevent some forest fires or something. SFTV now returns you back to...."

Knocking will be heard from off screen, and The Sex Freak will bolt from his chair, screaming to two individuals...

"Come on my Killer B's, we have been made, to the Slut Wagon, aka James Young's little sisters bicycle. Where the seats are happy, and seldom seen."

The scene will just end.
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Patrick Griffin
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Mid Carder

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PostSubject: Re: Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)   Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:19 am

The camera very slowly zooms out to reveal an excessively large Plasma television had been displaying the footage. The camera pans out around the richly-decorated room to display Patrick Griffin lying stomach-first on a white, cushioned bench receiving a massage by an attractive young woman whilst he faces the television set. A thin, timid looking man in a suit sits on a chair nearby sorting through some paperwork. Griffin's face is filled with rage and embarrassment as the young masseuse continues the back-rub seemingly uninterested. Griffin is clearly agitated and begins to speak to the masseuse.

Griffin: Can you believe that? Who does he think he is talking about me like that?

Griffin glares straight ahead at nothing in particular, possibly waiting for an answer from the young lady massaging him who appears quite bored by it all.

Griffin: That's slander, you know. I could sue that punk-ass chump for everything he's got. Man, I shouldn't have to take this crap. And did you see Friday? I got blatantly cheated out of my match and no one looked twice. It's exactly what I've been saying all along; Leon Heart's trying to hold me back. You see it don't ya? You see what's going on here don't you?

Griffin glowers forward, then quickly turns his head around to his masseuse.

Griffin: Are you even listening to me!?

The masseuse suddenly acknowledges Griffin, as if abruptly awaking from a day-dream.

Masseuse: Sorry?

Griffin raises from the massage bench in a frenzy, violently brushing the masseuse to the side.

Griffin: Get the hell out of here bitch! What is wrong with you!

The masseuse, clearly frightened by Griffin's outburst, quickly attempts to pack up her things. Griffin moves angrily towards her.

Griffin: What are you waiting for? Get the hell out of my sight!

The masseuse quickly grabs what she can before bolting for the door in fear. Griffin, still in a rage, turns to the man in suit.

Griffin: Get my agent on the line!

The man suddenly drops all of his paperwork, and scrambles for a phone and dials a number. Griffin quickly moves over and snatches it from his hand and raises it to his ear and begins pacing the room.

Griffin: Did you see what that punk was saying about me!? We ought to sue that piece of...

Griffin gradually stops pacing, as a muffled, incomprehensible voice can be heard through the phone. Griffin speaks again, this time without the rage that was consuming him before.

Griffin: Yeah I know but I can't let him get away with sayi...

Griffin is cut off again and glances around the room.

Griffin: Well I wouldn't call it a loss, I was cheated, it should of been a disqua..

Griffin is cut off again and looks around the room, seemingly annoyed.

Griffin: It's that Leon Heart, he's being trying to keep me down from day one..

Griffin pauses as his agent interrupts his once more

Griffin: Man it's not my fault, Leon H...

Griffin glances around the room again, growing more and more frustrated by his agent as he waits impatiently for his agent to finish.

Griffin: Yeah I know man, but how am I meant to earn anyone's respect when all I get from the fans is prejudice and disrespect, and Leon's got everyone on the entire roster working against me?

Griffin quickly lowers the phone and glances at it before quickly raising it back to his ear

Griffin:Hello?....You there?....Hello?

Griffin lowers the phone from his ear and looks down at the phone, clearly infuriated.

Griffin: Son of a bitch!

He fiercely throws his phone against the wall, and the phone shatters into pieces which fly across the room. He sighs heavily, desperately running his hands down his face. He looks up, fixing a glare upon the camera then moves towards it.

Griffin: Man get that camera out of my face!

Griffin violently pushes the camera away and after a short tussle, the cameraman is pushed outside with the door loudly slamming behind him .

Last edited by Patrick Griffin on Sun Feb 08, 2009 12:10 am; edited 1 time in total
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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

Number of posts : 53
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PostSubject: Re: Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)   Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:03 am

The cameraman goes down some stairs into the basement of the arena. He walks along
a narrow Grey corridor until he comes to a wooden door. He opens the door and walks
into the room. It is illuminated with a single low wattage bulb. All around the walls of
the room is writing. It says various things from 'Inside my mind he lives.. And he is coming'
to 'I don't want to hurt anybody'. In the middle of the room is a single recliner chair behind
a cardboard box. The chair swivels round to reveal Z sitting there.

Z: "Welcome my good sir! It seems you have found my office, what can I do for you today?
My thoughts? My.. tho..."

Z's head shakes violently and then abruptly stops. He starts speaking in a harsher voice.

Z: "HAHAHAHA! Well.. Devestator, I will agree with you on a few points! Patrick Griffin does
not stop TALKING! Maybe we should sew his mouth shut.. yes.. yes.. It would maybe make
him look better too.. hmm.. But Devestator.. "Little ol' Z"? Tut tut tut.. You should not say
things like that about us.. We do get angry you know.. You may be tall and hell, you may be
strong but I have NO FEAR anymore DX.. NONE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Z's head begins to shake and once more it stops. His softer voice returns as he continues.

Z: "Now you see what you've done DX? You've worked him up! It'll take forever to calm him
down! But I have to agree with him.. We are not just "Little ol' Z".. Yes, we haven't done
anything spectacular yet.. But we had not found ourselves.. That is the one thing that
Patricia has done in the UNWA that was of value.. But Patricia, you underestimated me from
the start. I am afraid that we shall have to come and hurt you.. I don't want to hurt anybody..
But Z does.. And i just can't control him anymore.. And that, Patricia, was thanks to you.."

Z rocks back and forward on his chair laughing as the cameraman exits the room and starts
walking back down the corridor. The lights suddenly go off and when they go back on Z's face
is right in the camera.

Z: "Oh, one more thing.. You know where to find me if you want me!"
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PostSubject: Re: Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)   

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Hemorrhage to The King....Baby! (Open to all)
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