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 I hear there is a returning superstar...(open for captain parkes)

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Ace Douglas
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Title Challenger

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PostSubject: I hear there is a returning superstar...(open for captain parkes)   Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:57 am

The Gambler begins to play over the arena speakers as Ace Douglas makes his way out to the ring. He slaps hands with the fans on his way and finally gets in the ring. He has grabbed the mic that was on the top step and as he makes his way to the middle of the ring he begins to talk.

Ace:"I have come out here tonight because it seems that my pay per view opponent has somehow talked Leon into giving me a match two days before the pay per view. Well I understand why he did it because without me being injured or wore down he does not stand a chance in our TLC match. I mean that is why he hired that thug to take me out last Sunday.(ooc hope that is ok for management if not let me know will change if you had something else in mind) It got to the time for the fight and he knew he did not have it in him to beat me. But enough about Ziggy lets get to my opponent for tonight. The returning Captain Parkes. Seems he has come back from the dead to finally get back in the UNWA ring. Well Captain Parkes tonight I know me and you will put on one hell of a match. And I am sure you will want to prolong the match a bit to shake off any rust but sorry but can not afford that tonight. So get prepared for a fast attack tonight in the ring because I need this one to end early."

With that Ace lowers the mic and makes his way to the ring ropes...

ooc open for parkes to come out if he wants
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Captain Parkes
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Title Challenger

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Registration date : 2008-08-20

PostSubject: Re: I hear there is a returning superstar...(open for captain parkes)   Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:07 am

(OOC: Was going to save this for my big return at the PPV but now is as good a time as any to return to the ring.)

As Ace Douglas makes his way into the ring the cameras pan up and focus on the top of the stage.

After a brief moment two figures walk out from backstage, as the camera pans in on the pair we recognize them as two of William Parkes' friends in Captain John Turner and his sometime ring companion Candice Kellerman.

Stopping at the top of the ramp John lifts the microphone to his lips and begins to address the crowd, "As some of you know and witnessed several weeks ago, we lost a close friend and fierce compeditor in William Parkes. Now some people seem to think that William is returning this week. However where he has gone there is no return."

Stunned silence is met at this announcement, John takes a deep breath to continue, however before he can say another word the lights drop out throwing the arena into pitch darkness, and a low chanting can be heard throughout the building.

From backstage numerous cloaked figures emerge carrying burning torches, they are followed by more hooded figures carrying a roughly built wooden coffin between them. Placing the coffin gently on the stage they back away slowly before dropping to their knees and bowing towards the coffin.

A sudden thunder bolt blasts the top of the coffin causing the lid to catch fire and begin to burn, none of the hooded figures move or attempt to put out the blaze. In the dim light we see the coffin lid thrown back, crashing to the stage floor still burning away and a figure slowly sits up and looks towards the stage.

Stiffly standing up the figure steps away from the burning wreck that was once a coffin and begins to walk towards the ring. As they approach John and Candice who are still standing in shock at the scene, the figure raises both arms and claps them each on the shoulder, before continuing their walk towards the ring.

Climbing into the ring the figure approaches Ace Douglas and grabs his hand with the mic in it raising it up, "For what you ask for, prepare to recieve. Welcome to Hell Ace Douglas."

The figures backs to the far corner removing his cloak to reveal a ghostly looking Captain Parkes, dressed ready to fight and with a look of utmost rage etched on his face.
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I hear there is a returning superstar...(open for captain parkes)
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