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PostSubject: Tree Hugger   Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:12 pm

BBC is shown stretching out in his office chair, as Paulley stands on the other side of the room looking out the window.
BBC: "Excellent, the plan worked like a charm. Having you take a dive in last weeks match against Von Ryan while i bet the remainder of our money on such a result was a pure genius. I must thank Miss Peel for bringing forward such an idea.
Paulley doesnt seem to be paying attention, rather looking at something he has in his hands. However this goes unnoticed by BBC, who stands up from his chair to continue his speech.
BBC: "Having me act a little odd ball the last few weeks also did its part, it had those bookies eating up my bets without the slightest suspicion. Now that i have put those winnings on you winning those Tag belts this weekend, and having UNWA's second biggest monster backing you up, i'll rake in more money than i had before this economic mess."
Paulley, still ignoring BBC, lets off a sigh as he continues to look at the thing in his hand. BBC hears the sigh and notices the thing in Paulley's hand. snatching the paper object, BBC notices its roughly cut heart shape.
BBC: "What this then? a handmade Valentines for Miss Peel i bet. Awww how quaint.. not that a delightful women like Diana would have anything to do with a filthy whelp like you."
BBC opens the card a begins to read the child like scribbles of Paulley
BBC [reading] : "PAULLEY <heart> BETTY 4-TRUES"
BBC pauses for a moment cocks up one eye brow and looks round Paulley out the window towards Kaluani's office where he sees Kal's plant Betty sunning her leaves out the office window. Before looking back at Paulley sightly bewildered.
BBC: "Really!??"
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