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 Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)

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PostSubject: Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)   Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:52 pm

(OOC: Although I doesn't appear so, this is an open challenge for sunday's show Smile - If you have the time, leon, I would like you to edit the commentators a bit to your liking.)

Kaluani enters the ringside while his titantron-video is playing. No great effects this time, he just enters the hall, has some handshake with some fans, then stops at a woman and a cute little boy, who is waving with his giant-plastic hand, saying "3:16" and has some chat with them both. After a short moment, he takes the little boy over the barrier, takes his hand and walks up to the ring with him.

Frankie D: "Now what that's supposed to do?"
Winston the Bulldog: "Shut up, Kaluani has something up the sleeve... He always does."

After they entered the ring, he gestures the boy to wait, then goes down to the announcers table to get a microphone. Then he enters the ring again, kneeling down to be in one height with the boy.
"Hey, little fella, what's your name and how old are you?"
The boy turns around in a shy gesture, but you can hear him say with a half-loud voice: "I am ten, and my name's mikey..."
Kaluani puts on a friendly smile. "Hello Mikey. My name is Kaluani!" he says, holding ut his hand as a welcome. The boy thinks a moment, then takes the hand and shakes it, talking into the microphone. "I know who you are, Mister. You are boss of here!"
Kaluani smiles. "Well, not the boss, but, yeah, kind of. Tell me, who is your favorite in this federation?"
Mikey turns around, takes a look to his mother, who just nods to him. "mh... favorite? Whatcha mean?" THe corwd begins laughing a bit.
Kaluani gives him a grin. "Who do you like most ?" Mikey thinks for another moment, then answers fast and sure: "I like Winston most!"
Kaluani gives an irritated look. "Winston? What Winston?"

Winston the Bulldog: "HA! That guys got taste!"

Mikey just nods. Kaluani strokes his hair. "Alright, THAT Winston then. I am sure he will give you an autograph later. But tell me, are you strong, brave?"
Mikey just nods. "I could baet all of the roster wrestlers here!"

Kaluani stands up, looking surprised. Looking to the audience, he answers: "Really? I want to see that. What do you think, can you handle me?"

Mikey takes up his fists. "Sure!"

They both stand in the ring, the microphone is put aside. After some mild brawling, Kaluani falls down and Mikey starts to apply a childish version of the rolling thunder hold!

Kaluani taps out and the referee rings the bell!

Kaluani smiles. "Whoah, Mikey, you learnt from the best, did you?"
Mikey smiles a bit shy.

"Well, after you beat the VGM, Mikey, I suppose you should be granted a wish. Tell me, what would you like to do?"

Mikey thinks a moment. "I wanna hit Frankie. He's stuh-pit."

Frankie looks really shocked, while Winston starts to laugh.
Winston, laughing: "hehe... That guys got REAL good taste!"

Kaluani just shrugs, looking over to the commentators table. "Well, guys you heard the man and I can't say no, I promised!"
Kaluani holds two of the ropes to let Mikey slip through. He steps over to the commentators table.

Frankie D: "Hey, no, you can't do that... That's, hey, hey!"
Winston starts to hold Frankie.
Winston the Bulldog: "Hey, I am sorry, Kaluani promised and Mikey fought for this right. hehe..."

Mikey goes over to the commentators table, then climbs it to look Frankie in the eye. He extends his hand and gives him a mighty slap in the face, the sound of it can be heard over the whole arena. Kaluani can't but only to try to hide his laughter, while Winston lets go of Frankie with a gigantic smile. The whole crowd ios laughing, while Mikey performs some kind of a taunt.

Frankie looks angry, then leaves the arena. Kaluani looks after him, but can't say anything because he can't stop laughing. After Frankie left the arena, he slowly recovers.
"Whoa, Mikey. That was one mean hit."
Mikey still poses on the commentators table.
Winston the Bulldog: "Know what, Mikey, since Frankie will be away some time, why don't you take a seat on his place and help me commenting Kaluanis next match?"
Mikey looks very happy, simply answer "YES!" with a shout and jumps off the table to sit down while Winston installs some microphones in his height.

Kaluani meanwhile warms up in the ring for his match.
"Don't worry Mikey, i am sure he will recover from that one until the next match... But hey, you defeated the VGM of the UNWA! That should give you the right to determine the next match. Since i am already here, it is up to you to choose my opponent and announce that match!"

Mikey takes a look on a card, then raises his plastic "3:16" hand again and starts announcing:

"The follwing cont... tonc... fight! Fight is set for one Fall and on the one side it Kaluani, the submmachine lightning...
And in the other corner... it is...."
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PostSubject: Challenge Accepted   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:18 pm

(OOC: I've left some areas in my RP for you to add a realistic response for your character.)

The lights dim and the sound of rolling cannon fire fills the arena. From high atop the Titantron the spot light shows Captain Parkes standing holding a rope.

Taking a brief look around the arena Captain Parkes swings from the Titantron down to the ramp. Landing smoothly on the ramp Captain Parkes makes his way towards the ring, before taking a standing leap up onto the ring apron and vaulting over the top rope.

"Well now that you've finished showing off for the fans perhaps you'd like a real challenge?"

Kaluani's answer

(OOC: I'll await your answer so I can add my response)
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Number of posts : 639
Registration date : 2008-08-07

PostSubject: Re: Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)   Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:58 pm

Kaluani stands in the ring, facing his opponent. He takes a short look over his shoulder to Mikey, who smiles at him.

"and in the other corner... it is Cap... Cap... the Seaman Parkes teher!"

Kaluani leans back on the ropes, looking to Captain Parkes.

"Well then, it appears the child has spoken, and if you want to see your ship going down tonight, then so be it. Maybe no one told you, but the elements themselves fight on my side...
I am like the storm that tears down your sails, I am like the sea that drowns half your crew, I AM the lightning that strikes your mast, before it crumbles under the almighty fire! Sure I want a match, and if you want to try to stand your ground here, then bring it on!"

The crowd screams after those sentences, and Kaluani makes some warm-up before finishing his speech.

"And when this storm has passed over you and your ship, and you will be laying on the ground, then you will wish yourself back on that lonely island you came from!"
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Captain Parkes
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Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Re: Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)   Thu Aug 21, 2008 1:06 pm

"I'm not afraid of the elements matey. And I don't fear the seas either. It's you that should be fearful. Lest I call upon the most fearsome sea creature know to all men of the sea..... The Kraken....."

Captain Parkes removes his pistols from his belt and unbuckles the scabbard holding his cutlass before passing them down to one of the ringside stage hands before turning back to face Kaluani and getting ready to start the match.
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PostSubject: Re: Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)   

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Who's da man ? (Open CHallenge - need opponent)
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